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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rockhouse, Aug 3, 2004.

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    My brother was about to mow a customer's yard after a rain. The customer decided it was too wet to mow. My brother said "normally I would agree with you, except I just installed a "wet kit" on my mower. The customer told him to go ahead & mow. She then said that the yard never looked better. The wet kit was great.

    It's a good thing he can think on his feet. I wonder if anyone will ever invent a "Wet Kit"?
  2. mbricker

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    Definitely I can use this one! Thanks.

    We had rain all this past Thursday, and a good bit of Friday morning. Was I ever behind. Fortunately, not one of my customers came out and told me they thought it was too wet to mow.

    I think a lot of times it's the old ladies who were always told by their husbands,"Sorry, honey, you know I really do want to get the lawn mowed, but it's too wet. Bad for the grass, you know."
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    Wet Kit. Works for me, sure wish I had a Behind in my work kit.

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