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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Columbia Turf, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Columbia Turf

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    Here are some pictures of one of our Lazers. Luckily no one was hurt in this situation. It had rained a couple days before and the rear tires broke through the turf on this dam (damn) slope. The operator was able to jump from the unit before it rolled over. The only damage to the machine was one of the control levers broke at the bolts. New bolts, bend back the arm rest and a few fluid changes and it was back to work.

    I know the industry is swinging towards roll bars and seat belts, but I think in this situation he might have been drowned if he was strapped in.

    Any comments on that can of worms now open??

  2. Columbia Turf

    Columbia Turf LawnSite Member
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    Another picture loading it up on a trailer.

  3. BSDeality

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    scary to think it. and even worse to see it. Glad no one was seriously hurt.
  4. RyanVT2005

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    Wow, looks like a mess. You said the only thing broke was the control lever. How long was it upside down? An Engine upside down and submersed in water can't be good. Do you plan to overhaul it or anything?
  5. GrassBustersLawn

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    Had an LCO die here this summer when he rolled it over into a small pond at an apartment complex. Better to walk those hills, especially when wet!

  6. panda

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    Just got a video in the mail the other day from ex-mark about ROPS.... Since we don't mow on hills did not give it much mind.. maybe your guys were (obviously) on tooo steep of a hill??? Strapped in or not... was probably too steep.. even given the dam (damn) issue.. fill us in?
  7. Columbia Turf

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    I agree GBL, The thing is the picture makes the slope look steeper than it really is. The man that did this has mowed that spot for the past 2 years. It does show you that you must be on top of the game all the time.
  8. panda

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    columbia turf.... I know when we bought the ex-marks.. there were new ratings in this state for slope ratios..... sometimes justa little bit of difference in the " wetness" of the turf can cause an issue...Although the guys had mowed it for years... We actually took away a turf area.. and planted it to shrubbery because of it.
  9. TLS

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    Not much of the engine was under water by the looks of it.

    The mercury rollover switch cut the engine. Air intake is right behind your left elbow on the LC's.

    I'd be more concerned at how it was lifted by that loader :eek:

    What was holding the back end up in that pic? I see the chains around the front caster arms, but only see maybe one chain down the rear.

    Real reality check, thats for sure!

    Watch out on Ebay!!! :D
  10. panda

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    Hey TLS... I understand your were looking at the equipment.. but what are your thoughts on the safety of the operator?

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