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WET LEAVES what is the magic?


LawnSite Senior Member
west wi
I am getting very frustrated trying to rake wet leaves, specifically oak leaves. They don't suck up, they clog my decks / vacuum system, and take alot more time. I am using a trac-vac system that usually works well, but soggy oak leaves are proving too much for it.

Does anyone else have a better method????

Thank you,



LawnSite Fanatic
your best bet, is to not clean leaves for money, you can never make enough. when the dust settles, you'll end up making about half of minimum wage

Triple L

LawnSite Senior Member
simply put, GET A WALKER. The only way to do leaf clean-up. At least in my opinion.


LawnSite Bronze Member
New Jersey
A Little Wonder 10HP or 9HP and a Red Max 7001 or 8000 will solve your problem!

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
A hair dryer!

Seriously tho... Wet leaves suck, well, ok, don't suck... that's the problem!

A walker is NOT the answer to every lawn problem, unless your problem is "I'm tired of being able to mow slopes, mow at a good speed, and dump my clippings into my truck bed". Then yes, the walker is for you!

I owned a Walker, leaves were plowed more than picked up... Pushed more off to the sides then it would let under the deck. I guess my problem was I was trying to MOW and pick up leaves at the same time... I think the walker would pick up more leaves if the deck was set at the highest setting, but then you can't really "mow" at 4" in the fall...


LawnSite Silver Member
S.I., NY
here, the properties aren't too large, so the i answer wet leaves with a blower/rake combo, 2 guys... or 2 blowers and a man on a rake if i have 3. but we're talking smaller urban type accounts.


LawnSite Silver Member
Triple L said:
simply put, GET A WALKER. The only way to do leaf clean-up. At least in my opinion.
ditto......... id rather do them when its wet so i dont get covered in dust.