Wet roads today, pulling a fully loaded 20' trailer, close call, & need advice!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by greeneyes, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. greeneyes

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    A light drizzle lasting 1/2 hr or so before heading to the next lawn, and every time I touched the brakes I started to slide. I'm not sure if the trailer brakes and/or the truck brakes were both locking up or not? All of the tires are in excellent to good condition.
    First stop sign I came to, I almost didn't stop. 25 mph speed limit down the main street went fine at 5 stop signs. Turned left over a bridge over RR tracks, down a steep hill to turn left, right after the bridge, touched the brakes 3 times, tried to turn (not happening). Oh well, we'll hit those lawns Friday. Kept going down, the stop sign at the bottom is maybe 50 yds away and a tractor trailer starts making a right hand turn to climb up this hill towards me. *@!!@@ I have a choice, keep going down with no clue where I may end up or hug the curb, and there's a telephone pole snug to the curb. Lucky, the curb slowed me down and I never touched the pole. The driver of the TT waved thanks. Right behind him, another LCO was making the turn and we met face to face. I said, It's getting slippery, and he said, Was that you I heard? I said yeah, and then he proceeded to spin his wheels up the hill I just came down. The day ended safely again, but it seems there are certain roads that are impossibly dangerous. This isn't the first time I've had this problem on the same roads. I need advice. Thanks.
  2. tilawn

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    first make sure your trailer brakes are adjusted and working properly, Next has it been a while since it has rained in your area? If it has been a while then the oil in the asphalt will make it VERY slick especially with just a drizzle coming down
  3. Junior M

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    sounds like your trailer brakes are set to heavy, they shouldnt lock up unless you hit that emergency button on the top or front that most have..
  4. bohiaa

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    lol. they shouldn't lock up at all....
  5. greeneyes

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    The trailer had new brakes installed in June, inspected and new tires. I could use some advice on the trailer brake adjustment. Should I be adjusting them often? Should I put the truck in LOW?? as I cross the bridge? in a light rain?

    We've had so much rain this summer, that there hasn't even been a normal weekly mowing schedule. But, it seems the light rain on certain roads gets really slick. Should I bring it up to the streets department in this certain borough. ??

    The truck I use 99% of the time is a 98 Dodge Ram. I bought a new Ford Deisel a few years ago that I think I may start using on days like today. I originally bought it for the business, but have only used it as a back up.
  6. greeneyes

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    ^LOL, why? I was on a steep incline fully loaded, and it wasn't funny. I came here for help and advice, not a wise a$$ crappy response.
  7. AmGreen

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    does your trailer brake controller not have an adjustment knob on the side of it?
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    Why is the diesel a backup and no full time??
  9. greeneyes

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    Yes the trailer brake has a dial on it. I'm really not an idiot, I guess I'm just not sure where the right setting is. I'm just really frustrated. The only time I have a problem is on these particular roads, in these certain conditions. Should I be adjusting the trailer brakes when it rains like this? During good weather, I'm not having any problems, everything was cool till it started to rain today.
  10. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Thats really wierd, I never have stopping problems in the rain. Not sure what to tell you, hope someone figures it out for you though. Good luck

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