Wet Spring Making Reseeded Yards Germinate Slower...

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Smallaxe

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    That is very similar to what I do except I use a "Garden Weasel" type tool to work up soil and mix in compost and seed,,, instead of 3 pronged claw...
    For this time of year I'm shortening the process to presoaked seed in a compost slurry and applying that to barespots...

    I agree with your premise that the work involved is well worth the results... Good luck... :)
  2. RigglePLC

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    I suggest save time and labor. Apply the seed first, then rake it vigorously to work the seed into the soil. Add compost if you wish. Done. For small spots seed cost is not important--use plenty of seed--triple the recommended rate is not too much. Seed is cheaper than labor (for small areas).
    Remember in the south they over seed Bermuda on golf courses with about 20 pounds of perennial rye per thousand sqft.
    Late August should work if the temps have come down below 85. Germination is fast because the soil temp is high--about 75. September also works, as well as October and even November, (judging from my tests last year).
    Soil temp averages:
  3. Rick13

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    Thanks again Smallaxe & RigglePLC for your help!!!

    It's always hard introducing new products to your customers. But I think in the long run they will be happy once they give it a chance.
  4. Rick13

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    Talked to the customer yesterday....and now he's tickled pink!!!

    The neighbors are coming up asking what he's done to his yard! It's looking really good! He said it's looking like it did two years ago when he had a deep green, thick, healthy yard. It's made him sick on what he's paid out to the larger lawn care company couldn't deliver....just a bill and this next application will solve your problem promise.

    Some of his neighbor's yards are starting to dry out and go dormant. Where this customer is having his neighbor come into his yard and place their fingers on the soil so they can feel the moisture....and then feel their yards....where the soil is dry. So the organic compost is doing it's job!

    And now he's telling me....whatever our yard needs.....just do it....and we will pay you!

    Long story short....given this Spring was wet, but we only had a few days of sun....the germination of new grass seed with organic compost took longer to establish itself.

    I'm glad he's happy and the yard is turning the corner and heading in the right direction!!!!
  5. mikesturf

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    That is a great idea taking before and after pictures for seed jobs. I always hate reseeding because no matter what you tell the customer they expect to see sod like results in 2 weeks.
  6. Rick13

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    Yeah Miketurf....it's funny how people forget how bad their yard was before you start to do work for them. I forget a few yards to take pictures....but not many. This way...when they start to question me about reseeding....I can show them what their yard looked like before they hired me.

    It seems like the customer is always wanting to complain....hoping to get something free out of you. Well....I thought my yard should be looking a little bit better by now. Oh really....here's your pictures before I started!

    I have an app that I got from the Google Play Store....called "Dropbox". And what's nice about Dropbox....is that you can take a picture with your cell phone (if its a smart phone) and it will store it on your phone, but also send it to your computer too. And it does it automatically, so I don't have to download them off of my camera to place the pictures on my computer.

    Then I just create a folder of the customer's name, click and drag their pictures to their folder.....and when ever I need to find them.... I just look for their name.

    It's easy and nice to keep your pictures and customers straighten out. And once you start doing it, then it becomes very easy. So check out Dropbox...it's free....and it's a great app!!!!

    Plus it keeps the customer looking for something free...honest once they see what their yard looked like then....and what it looks like now. (Hopefully it looks better after you start working in it....and not worst!!!) :hammerhead:

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