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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by sparechange, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. sparechange

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    i have a lazer hp w/ 48" deck and 21 hp kaw. it spins and slips in damp grass.is there any way to improve the wet traction of this mower by adding weight and if so, where should it be added? thanks
  2. Highpoint

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    Let a little air out of the rear tires. Make sure they are the same. WALK behind the mower you have a sulkey when the ground is really wet. Buy a Proslide if you just can't handle walking. It will float over the wetness.
  3. eXmark

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    It seams that traction always has been and always will be an issue when running equipment on a surface that can change so drastically from day to day such as grass. Other traction concerns could be ground speed, degree of slope as well as operator technique. Unfortunately there isn’t any one real good answer. Tire designs, tire pressures and equipment weight can all effect traction on a given lawn.

    Adding weight is not a great option and I would not recommend it. The problem with adding weight is where to add it. The balance of the machine is far more important that the overall weight. Adding weight in the wrong amounts to the front or rear can adversely effect the stability of the machine and create a safety concern. Your best option is to experiment with tire pressures. Adding pressure and decreasing pressure in 1-2 lb. increments can improve traction on a given turf type. Different conditions through the year or different turf types from region to region will dictate what will work best for you.

    Good luck

  4. jc51

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    I have been able to achieve a moderate improvement in traction by moving the seat all the way back when this occurs. It helps but doesn't eliminate the problem.
  5. EJK2352

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    I have found that switching to Carlisle Turf Savers will improve the Lazers traction wet or dry. The Turf Savers are a softer rubber
    compound than the Turf Masters that come on the Lazers from the factory. The only down side is the Turf Savers will wear out
    quicker than the Turf Masters.;) ED

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