wetlands/sometimes dry - what to do?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by hpc, Apr 2, 2005.

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    At a loss for what to plant. Have about a one acre "wetlands"
    area at rear or property. It's not protected. It's more like a runoff
    area for part of the subdivision.

    It's typically under 1-3 feet of water from November'ish through
    anywhere from March - May. Sometimes it's just boggy; other times,
    it's under water.

    After April - May, it drys up and those pesky woody stalk weeds
    pop up and grow to about 6-7 feet tall.

    Two years ago, I managed to get the weeds cut down using my McLane
    21" - just brute forced the mower through the weeds and then went back
    over them from another direction. Next spring (2004), the weeds are

    Last year, 2004, got tractor out with the 48" tiller and once the ground
    got dry enough, went tilling. Stinkin' metal rod ffence posts! Caught
    two pieces of the posts in the tiller...what a PITA to clear. It was wedged
    in the top of the tiller like someone had welded it there.

    The dirt there is absolutely! great - black as tar; kinda stinky from
    the decaying plant mass. Doesn't clump together - to me, it's primo

    Kinda long winded...so, I have NO idea of what to plant there.
    I need something that can survive underwater and/or boggy
    conditions from Oct/Nov thru Apr/May. Then, it's the typical central
    Indiana summer - hardly any rain until late fall.

    I don't want something that grows much taller than 6-8 inches. Plus,
    I'd prefer not to have to mow...I don't get paid for cutting my own place.

    Not to sound limp-of-wrists, but some wild flowers, wetland grasses, stuff
    with color would look great. But, I have the feeling that once the rainy
    season starts and the wetlands become wet and covered under water,
    the stuff dies.

    I've talked to two different "landscapers"...ask two people for ideas;
    you get two totally different responses.

    Well, back to the game...Michigan State is getting their jocks yanked
    by the good 'ol boys from UNC. I'm from NC; my daughter graduated
    from Michigan State....ah hell! Go Boiler Makers!!!! Oh yeah, they
    didn't make it....

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