We've been impersonated it seems.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1MajorTom, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Now this takes the cake.

    Matt stops home, I see he is steaming. He says, "come out here on the porch, i have to tell you something. I've wasted 40 minutes at Pauline's house and I'm fuming." I said, "now what?"
    He says, "Pauline comes out while i'm trimming and says, 'are we all squared up?" I say, "what are you talking about." Pauline says, "Well i don't owe you anything do I, I just paid that lady $100." Matt says, "what lady?" Pauline says, "you called me on the phone and said you were sending a lady up to collect money upfront." Matt says, "i didn't do that." Pauline says, "i talked to you on the phone, and when the lady got here, I didn't want to give her the money. But she got you on the phone again, and then gave the phone to me to talk to you. You said you needed money to buy equipment, and you wanted me to pay upfront for some cuts." Matt says, "Have I ever asked you for money upfront before? Who did you write the check out to?" Pauline said, "you said on the phone you wanted cash, cause you didn't have time to go to the bank to cash a check. So i called my niece to come down, because I wasn't sure what to do. When my niece got here, she had the lady write a receipt." So Pauline shows Matt the receipt, and it says, "this payment is for 8 future cuts - $100 paid. Signed, Matt (then his last name)"

    Matt says, "WHAT! that's crazy, you know i charge you $40(plus tax), EACH time I cut your lawn, why would I give you 8 cuts for $100? That's less than 13 bucks each."

    By this time, Pauline is crying, and Matt says, "give me the phone, let me talk to your neice." So Matt calls the neice and says, "why would you let your aunt pay that? Wasn't it a red flag that someone would want 100 bucks like that cash, and then say it was for EIGHT cuts." The niece said, "well we invited the lady into the house, and she was so nice, we weren't sure what to do, she sounded very convincing."

    Now can you believe that!! 100 bucks to buy equipment. :hammerhead: :dizzy:

    Matt was able to get Pauline to calm down, and told her to NEVER EVER pay someone cash like that.

    Now my question is this: Pauline doesn't want to contact the police, so should we contact them and file some kind of report on this??? Pauline swears that the man on the phone introduced himself as Matt(and his last name). We're not sure if the man actually did though, or if Pauline just got confused. (she is old). We are thinking maybe she said Matt's full name, and that's how the man got his last name, which the lady ended up writing on the receipt.
    We can't have someone going around to our customers trying to impersonate us. The only other thing we can think is, that the niece might be involved somehow, and this would be an isolated incident? (Pauline has made mention in the past how the niece is always trying to get her money.) Either way, it's just all speculation at this point.
    In 9 years of business, NOTHING like this has ever happened.
    Should we tell the police about this or what? We don't want our name smeared.
    Whatcha think?
  2. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    I'd contact the police and have them wating at Paulines house,Have Pauline call them back and to say we would like to pay for another 8 cuts up front,come over and get the cash. The Police can then ask all the Questions??? Or have Matt and the Crew waiting there and when they arrive beat the crap out of them. Them weed Whack them reel good !! That Really sucks Jodi Sorry...
  3. Tim Wright

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    Of course call the police, then the fbi & maybe even ss.

  4. DLCS

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    YES, go down to your local police station and file a report. Just in case this happens again. Whoever has done this has commited multiple crimes, one including theft identity. You need to find out what kind of info he has about Mat, you might be surprised. Don't take this lying down.
  5. Tim Wright

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    I like TNT's idea, but they probably would not go for it unless they are really stupid.

  6. robbo521

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    call cops report it and tell them what they are driving and what they looked like if she nows.that is just sorry.
  7. Tim Wright

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    My other Job is a hit man!

  8. Supper Grassy

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    Call the police and tell matt to tell them what Pauline had just said, then tell the cops where pauline lives and such so they could go talk to her and here neice
  9. MOturkey

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    Sounds a bit fishy regarding the niece, to me. I mean, people pull scams every day, but to imitate the lawn guy???????

    And, as far as the stupid part goes, I've read several times where police would contact people with outstanding warrants and tell them they won some kind of prize, if they just show up at so and so address and claim it. It is amazing how many show up! :)
  10. Horsepower Lawns

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    You may want to let your other customers know about what happened.
    That way if someone shows up wanting $$ they can call the police and you.

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