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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by patron, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. patron

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    I’m trying to get an idea of the going rate(per acre or man /machine hour) for wide open sports field mowing. Links to web sites or personal experience appreciated. Have a invitation to bid and considering the investment in new equipment I’m just wondering if it will be worth it. The area to mow is around 40 acres.

  2. New Bern Bear

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    Several Questions ...

    a) Type of turf?
    b) Frequency of mowing? Reel mower or rotary?
    c) Fertilizer treatments, weed control, aeration, top dress and pre-emergent applications?
    d) Marking the Fields?
    e) Your overhead such as saleries, insurance, wear and tear and general operating in general.

    The equipment is expensive and so is the care for a nice field. Sorry, without more information its hard to help.

  3. patron

    patron LawnSite Member
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    The turf is kentucky blue grass ,these are practice fields that will be cut with a rotary mower at the direction of grounds super if needed more then 1x per week. No other services have been requested.

    I have a general idea of what i want to bid and was interested to see if it appears reasonable relative to what other will post with respect to what they say they charge. The price range posted has been any where between 25 to 60 an acre.

    Thank you for the reply.


    J.A.G LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    if you need help mowing that i will help for $75 PER hour 5 hour minimum
  5. Pro-Scapes

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    1500 to 2k per cut depending on how level it is and how well its taken care of.
  6. rsp1961

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    ok, I currently do residential, and am being asked to do commercial (condo complexes) and have been offered to do a new community ball park that im involved with. 3 playing fields, bermuda grass, but the issue is that all of us building this park are volunteers and doing it for the community. how does one go about about pricing that when there are many overhead costs involved in maintaining a complex like this? anyone have any similar experience? i run GD surfer 61" and WB JD 48" now on residential, so im assuming new equipment will be needed for starters???
  7. New Bern Bear

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    Be careful, this sounds like the adage ... no good deed goes unpunished.
    If I were you, I would back away from this opportunity. The volunteer construction process of making these fields a reality for the kids, may turn to hard feelings all of a sudden if a "volunteer" is now making money off it. A potential conflict of interest exists between you and the "perception" of others either real or imagined. It is just simply not worth the potential harm to friendships.

    Stay a volunteer and perhaps help them secure a bid list of contractors and help with the contract preparations. That way you are helping them with your experience and still getting the job done. Remember the reason why the fields are being built.

    You also don't have to spend the additional money on reel mowers or additional equipment! WIN - WIN :)

    Just my 2 cents

  8. rsp1961

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    yeah, i agree. that has been the elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring. but there has been and is still lots of work that needs to be done and we have been utilizing everyone's help from the excavator doing the site prep at "cost" and holding half the note for five years! that's huge...to seed company providing seed at cost...of course we are NFP org, so they get the write off, but how do you do a maintenance contract such as this at cost? gas and labor only? im not sure it is possible. i do another feild of a team i am a part of, and only charge them a min. fee to cover the cost of gas. but i think this one is too big...so youre probably right.
  9. New Bern Bear

    New Bern Bear LawnSite Member
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    Just a few thoughts,

    - Will the city or county assist with the maintenance?
    - Will leagues offset the maintenance costs through cash donations or scheduled volunteer work?
    - Have you thought of potential grants?
    - Is the organization a registered 501C3 not for profit with the IRS? If not, get it ASAP. (Needed for Grants)

    - get affiliated with Babe Ruth and or Cal Ripkin - they can assist with potential grant oportunities as well.

    Best wishes,

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