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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ASI, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. ASI

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    Everybody likes a good deal. So post your best deals you have found.

    My deal is pretty good and I thought I would share it. Some may have heard of it and some may not have. All of us rely on are vehicles to make money. My deal should help take the sting out of the repair parts cost. You can save up to 45.5 percent on your auto parts.

    Advance Auto Parts

    Example of the way it works.
    You place your order of parts online. The key is to find (Google) advance promo code. I good Current code is trt41 that will give you $40.00 off $100.00 spent. Now go shop for parts and try to break your order up to get as close to $100.00 you can. Go to your cart and look for ENTER YOUR PROMO HERE(trt41).The best part is you can have it shipped to you for free or go pick it up at the store. Proceed to check out and pay with credit card or Pay Pal. You just saved #40.00 dollars.

    They have different codes available all the time. They have one for spend $50.00 and save $20.00 (trt25). That way if you only need a few things you can still get 40 percent off. You can make as many orders as you want. Get creative with your orders and codes to save some money. If I only need $85.00 worth of parts I will order some filters or whatever to get me to the $100.00 mark.
    Note: I believe you need to order over $75.00 to be shipped free. Some things are exempt like motor oil. If you want to pick up your order at the store but they do not list it as available at your store call them. Have them order it and tell them when it comes in to put it in their inventory so you can purchase online. This can be done but most counter guys do not know how to do it - ask for a manager. Also the codes you see on their website are not the best, you need to Google them.

    To get an extra 5.5 percent off sign up for an EBATES account and go to Advance Auto website threw them. Ebates pays you every 4 months from purchases you made threw them.

    I have 5 vehicles and have used both since 2012 and have saved a bunch of cash.

    So what’s your deal?:cool2:
  2. Wet_Boots

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    There's a website I blundered across called FatWallet that has an Advance Auto thread, with current coupon codes.

    I also use Rock Auto, which every now and then sends me a small discount code, and sometimes a list of closeout parts that fit the truck I registered with them.
  3. DanaMac

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    ASI - just curious if you offer deals or sales or coupons for your customers as well. I don't, never have, never will. I do give occasional discounts on a case by case account. Good, long standing customers that allow us to do the work the right way, preventing damage, upgrading as needed. I won't use discounts to attract work or new customers. Just curious if you offer discounts for your customers. Do good work, make good money. That's a deal to me.
  4. Kiril

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    ........ Ditto
  5. Wet_Boots

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    Just scored a new radiator for the old F150 for less than 80 bucks including shipping. payup
  6. ASI

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    No I do not offer any discounts. I feel the same way you do. Offering any type of discount or coupon in are business would be a race to the bottom. I posted this because I thought others would enjoy saving some cash on car repairs and not to suggest that we do it in are business. Auto part stores are selling parts we sell service.
    If I can save 45.5 percent by ordering online instead of ordering at the counter and still walk away with parts in hand I am happy. I am not a coupon kind of guy at all, but owning 5 vehicles repairs and maintenance adds up quickly. If they offer it why not use it? More cash for :drinkup:
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    Gotta love it :clapping:
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  8. ASI

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    It’s a unwritten law in Indiana that beer must be consumed when working on your car.:usflag:
  9. Wet_Boots

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    that must be where they filmed the commercial for Miller Beer showing the greasy-fingered guy working on his car and eating powdered-sugar doughnuts with his beer
  10. AI Inc

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    I don't work on trucks, bikes , snowmobiles 4 wheelers ect. I think it sucks. I would rather make money doing something I enjoy and take some of that money to pay people to do things I don't enjoy doing.

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