What’s a fair estimate for cutting this?

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by CJ's Mowing Service, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. TPendagast

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    Same ball park
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  2. petscanning

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    Hmm I think $50 each is good myself. Its a lot of work but your not moving to far. And no on the chainsaw. I tried it once lol and that crap got all jammed up in it. I would lay a tarp under them and cut and let it fall onto it. To much to deal with to tie up 10 of those.
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    I have a customer w about 6-8 of those - maybe different type but same size. I can cut them down cut them all down - fill 2-3 tarp loads - drag into the woods in about 20minutes total. This is prob 2-3 hours max w dump loads. Hauling away would be no fun. so For 14 of them @ $400-600 is prob reasonable. $800 seems a little high.
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  4. Doc8406

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    that is how i do mine when i cut it.. i use a chainsaw
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  5. Mitty87

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    $500 is fair I think. Get paid a day rate and dump costs even though you should be done unloading debris not much later than noon.
  6. rclawn

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    And make sure you use a heavy duty, 12’x16’ or larger tarp so you can do it in one or two go’s, haul it with a zero turn if it’s a long walk. Loading and unloading the stuff is easy but it’s a pain having to get it off the lawn if they fall off the tarp. 2 hours for an easy $750, with probably $50 at most in dump fees and gas around here
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  7. OP
    CJ's Mowing Service

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    I’ve always tied them off with rope. Just cut and pick of the “bale.” Not sure what customer wants to do.
  8. rclawn

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    Funny story a client of mine had us leave one of these so he could make a thanksgiving decoration. Weird, i thought. Texted me the next day asking me to come help him get it out of his house. Apparently when he was dragging it he didn’t realize stuff falling out and now it is all over his house.

    Told him to call a house cleaner
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  9. Doc8406

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  10. Geronimo

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    Don't overcharge on this one, that is a weekly contract practically next door, that is a great account, establish a fair price and stick to it. I'd use my long handled hedge trimmers and rake it into a tarp and haul it off that way. If he is paying you well for mowing and maintaining keep him happy. I've had accounts like this for years and they are money in the bank, priority is to keep the clients happy!
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