What a day!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by gatormowing, May 12, 2005.

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    Yesterday was one of those days. I do a builders model home on a very busy street. When I pulled up,the entire front edge of the lawn has acted as a dam for loose insulation that has probably blown out of the back of a truck. 35 minutes later I have about 20 lbs. of wet insulation picked up and am finally ready to mow. Next stop is a new customer and there are several areas in the yard that look even but when you step on it, it sinks down 2 to 4 inches. Scalped the grass and then spent alot of time feathering edges with trimmer. Told customer and she said thats why other guy didn't want to do it anymore. Finally on the road to the next town where I have 9 duplexes to mow and things are looking good. Oops! I feel something odd, look on the mirror and trailer is wobbling. I pull over thinking I have a low tire. Look at right side of trailer and notice smoke. Bearing buddy gone and so are the bearings. Four hours later I'm on the road home, a day behind. Even so this is still the best job ever. Looking forward to today. Bob
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    Yep, life is good. Woke up at 0500 and went to yard where my Master Locks and Kryptonite cables are laying in the gravel cut to bits. After 9+ years we got hit good. A whole rig of hand tools, everything but the mowers, trucks, trailers! I wanted to kill someone but just grabbed the spare junk out of the shed and went to work. After several jobs the local mower store opened and several thousand $$ later we have a lot of new Red Max gear.

    Love every bit of it and am just wondering what the poor saps are doing with my two crews' worth of old (but really good) stuff...I forgive them since it was such a nice day...maybe they will buy some bad crack and trip over a trimmer.

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