what a day!!!!

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    first cleanup of the day was going real bad for starters i had to drop my billygoat debris loader off to get the carb fixed so we had to hand load the first cleanup(goodsized yard too).we get done with the first so i call the shop to see if machine is done and it is so im thinking things are lookin up, i get the billygoat hooked up and we are off.we get to the second yard ready to go all out ,we get the leaves piled curbside and and we got that debris loader suckin away and something smelled funny so im lookin around the trailor and spot the culprit "a 10 gallon plastic gas can melting from the heat of the exhaust on the debris loader" .i was like holly s*** ,the gas is boiling and its running all over the trailor and i thought that was it im done but we shut her down , moved what was left of the can away and sprayed it down with water .someone upstairs was lookin out for us.what had happened is one of my guys fueled up the mowers when he got to the job and placed the can there when he was done and we all were trying to make time from not having the debris loader on the first job and it got overlooked.the debris loader is mounted at the front of the trailor with the hose going into the box on the truck..i got to thank my lucky stars :angel:

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