What a deal!!!!!!

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Today my partner saw a guy rolling a lawn and when over to ask him if he had a business becouse sometimes we get behind and would like someone to refer to roll their lawn.He told my partner he by the end of this season will be selling everything his truck,trailer,roller and areator.He said he will sell his trailer roller and areator for $3000 can.The roller lookes awsome and I don't own a areator so that would be great to get.Also the trailer is custom built to hold the roller and aerator.I am now thinking of selling my old roller and walker I hope I can scrape up the money to buy that.And the best part of the deal is he has loads of customers and is willing to give me his cousmers for 1$ each!!!!!!Is this a good deal?????????I think it is you tell me!


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let me know if you are going to sell your walker, even if he sells you the customers doesnt mean they will keep you how do you know he is realy getting out of the biz might just be upgrading


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Ontario, Canada
Adam, it sounds like a deal to me but would depend on the brand of roller in question. Give us a little more info please... you know adress phone number etc..... just kidding you know I wouldn't drive that far... again. <br> The local IH dealer has a 1 1/4 ton 40&quot; roller that he wants $6800 for. I'm looking for a good one, I know where there is another big one 2 1/4 ton that would be nice to have too. I have driven it before, it's old but in decent shape but not for sale yet.