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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LB1234, Feb 13, 2008.

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    So I have 2750 addresses that I want to direct-mail full color tri-fold brochures to with a total of two mailings, one at the end of February and second mailing during the middle of March. I look into www.gotprint.com and find out they can do 5,000 brochures for $319.00. Because I have my bulk mailing permit and in order to quality for a discount on the postage the brochures need to be machineable...i.e. they require wafers or tabs at the top.

    So, on Monday I contact gotprint and contact customer service and ask if they can apply the wafers. They said yes we do for an additional 200 dollars. I said no problem. Between Monday and today I get the brochure ready and finalized and upload it. I realize there is no section for tabbing. So I call customer service to ask how I select it. Guy says I need to go under the mailing section. I said fine, then he explains that I need to send the addresses to him iin excel format...I said for what, he says so they can mail them. I don't want you to mail them, I want to mail them. He explains the only way they tab them is if they do the mailings. I said fine but I require two mailings of 2500 (they only do 5000 not 5,500). No problem sir as long as its within 30 days of mailings we can do it. Fine whats your price...well I'm not sure it depends on amounts in the zip codes whether we can get discounts but it won't exceed $750.00. I just told him thanks for nothing and hung up the phone. Just when you think you dot your i's and cross your t's.
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    Try psprint.com. They do mailings and seem to be flexible. I use them to print my cards and door hangers and they do a really nice job printing.
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    I know you will not want to hear this, but these tasks are understood by those folks who provide sales and marketing services. Just as we, as LCOs, suggest that the homeowner doesn't know well enough how to care for their lawn, so too there are others who are qualified to handle the marketing functions. A short consultation with those who do this work every day, getting some help in developing a plan, would have saved you much headache (and some $$$ too).

    I have "... been there, done that" in another setting.
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    I haven't given them a dime...so I didn't waste any money, just time and a little aggrevation. I only posted to let people know my personal experience with them and to not make the same assumption I did...ASSuming there customer service reps knew what they are talking about.

    As for the marketing versus lawn comment. To a point I agree, but I do not believe I am asking them to do my marketing...I'm simply asking them to print my brochures, fold them, and place the wafers on them. I don't think that qualifies as doing my marketing. I think its closer to printing my brochures, which you can say is a part of my marketing plan.

    Anyhow, I found a local print company that is willing to do the wafering, folding, and 5,000 copies for $50 more than gotprint who was $319 prints + folding, $137 for shipping, and the 200 I was told for the wafers. I'm getting it done for just over 700. I already received my proof this evening and will be sending it back tomorrow for the go ahead...and I figure I'll have them even sooner than gotprint.

    Mama always told me things happen for a reason:laugh:

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