What a Freaking Idiot!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Darryl G

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    The "big stuff" eh...the $10 and $15 lawns, lol. There will always be a place for these guys. Some people just want the lawn mowed as cheaply as possible. The problem is when they stop showing up because the truck or mower broke down or they just lose their ambition. I don't find myself losing accounts to them but losing opportunities to pick up new lawns. But a lot of people looking for someone new are doing so because the last guy "dropped out" on them and have never had a real professional lawn service and probably never will.

    The accounts I find myself picking up are the people who used to mow their lawns themselves but find it just too much to keep up with or those with lawn services that just aren't responsive...don't answer the phone, don't call back, don't do the extras that every week they say they will do next week.
  2. ALC-GregH

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    And you talk to him like everything is good? I'd be asking him "where the money is you owe me" every time I see him.
  3. G. Ramey

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    Get him to mow your lawn, don't pay him and call it even. lol.
  4. grincon

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    I know what your saying, it happens to me often. Everyone has to tell their story or plans. I have a neighbor trying to get into lawn maintenance and always tells me about the best weedeater brands or his rider. He says it saves your legs from all the walking. I mind my own business and just listen, I would offer advice to him but I can never get a sentence in. And I like walking!

    quality will always speak for itself and the clients are happy with my services. I never worry about losing accounts and if i do, thats just room for another. I also never talk bad or try to put down the lowballers or any of the local competition, its just bad business.

    I worry about my own business and how we can improve quality and be more efficient, I dont have time to worry about what everyone else is doing.
  5. punt66

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    :clapping::drinkup: Learn from this guy
  6. Will P.C.

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    As a customer who gets numerous lawn and spray/fert guys showing up every week, I get turned off very fast if they start pointing out 'problems' in my yard caused by my current spray man or lawn man. They say stuff like '"see those weeds, out company would take care of the whole yard and not miss spots" "what an uneven cut, can I ask what idiot cuts your grass" "your irrigation is installed wrong, that company must be out of business"

    All of this stuff is a joke. I think everyone should make a practice of not talking about another mans work. Yes, it is tempting in certain cases, but realize that it makes you sound bad.

    I had the day off from work today and a guy just showed up from a local fert/spray company. He asked who I was using. After I told him he exclaimed, "they are well known for using inferior fertilizer" Trying to sell a product or service by putting down the current guy is bad.

    OP, instead of writing a thread about this guy, ask him for your money.
  7. Richard Martin

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    I made a post like this not long ago. Everybody busted my chops and called me a liar.
  8. NPMinc

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    I also do not speak badly of anothers performance as a selling point. I simply let our work speak for itself and the customers (and neighbors etc) notice too and thats the best advertising there is and it don't cost me a thing!!!!
  9. SLMGT

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    Just wish him the best. He's trying to get you going. Don't give him the pleasure.:usflag:
  10. Southern Pride

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    lol Why is that so funny? I don't get it. That guys going fast on his mower! ahahaha

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