What a Freaking Idiot!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Apr 28, 2011.

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    It seems like the joke is on you. This guy comes up to you and tells you he is going to be a competitor. Then he goes after a client of yours. Even if he only takes a few clients from you with his low prices, that is still money that you lose in your town of 1,000. Not to ,mention he does all of this while owing you money. He told you he was about to pick up a few Ferris mowers. Obviously, he had the money. You come on here and call him an idiot, but in reality it seems the other way around.
  2. georgiagrass

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    That's funny.
  3. MOturkey

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    I don't really mind being called an idiot, because I have done some really stupid things in my day. I suspect most of us have. I also know it is wrong for me to judge this guy, but no more than it is for any of you to judge me. I read at least one "rant" a day on this site, some of which are justified, some of which are not. I realize the intent of this site is to provide a discussion medium about which to compare business strategies and equipment choices, but, being human, we sometimes falter and interject our personal feelings, biases, and experiences into the mix. Of this, I am guilty.

    That said, you need to read the post again. I said he "tried" to get my account, but was unsuccessful. Will he get some in the future? Who knows? If not him, maybe someone else, that is the nature of this business.

    Also, as for intent to buy a "few" Ferris mowers. If you will read the original post again, I believe you will find I stated he was going to try and buy "a" mower, which, I think, generally means "one".

    I also clearly stated that he and "his banker" were looking at the mowers. Now, perhaps I'm jumping to a conclusion here, but that tells me he didn't have the cash, but was trying to get a used mower financed. I also clearly stated that he did not purchase a mower, but was, instead, still using his dad's mower. I don't know why. Perhaps the mowers sold too high, perhaps his "banker" wouldn't approve the loan, perhaps he didn't like the color.

    As for him owing me money, I have absolutely no doubt he has had the funds with which to pay me on multiple occasions. I believe this to be true for virtually everyone who has stiffed me in this business, or in any of the others in which I was previously involved. People rarely fail to pay obligations because they can't, but rather because they choose not to. I suspect most on this site will agree with that assumption.

    Should I have taken him to small claims court? Should I whip his azz all over the alley? Perhaps, but that has never been my style. I've collected several debts over the years by treating the debtor with respect, but not one with threats, including having lawyers handle the situation. I'm financially at the point where I don't "need" his money. Would it be nice to collect it? Sure, but I'm not going to miss a payment, or a meal, if I don't.

    Some people have a conscience, and some character, and it will bother them more if you are friendly to them than if you hound them for the money, as that gives them reason to rationalize that you are an azz, so why should they pay you? I've always waved at this guy every time I saw him in the yard, or met him on the road. I've always spoken to him if we came face to face. For me, that is the high road. I know he thinks about the fact that he owes me money every time, and that, to me is of some comfort. Whether or not he has the character to at some point acknowledge the debt and pay me, I don't know. At this juncture, I really doubt it, but I have no control over his actions, only my own.
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    Touche. I'm not totally innocent, but I do try to never assume something without all the facts. I also try to not assume that everything I read is true, nor false. What is the saying about the truth generally residing somewhere in the middle between the two sides of the story?

    As for the question of my age, it is, I suppose totally immaterial, except from the standpoint of me having been around the block more than some of you who are two years out of high school. Doesn't make me any smarter, only wiser. And, Toppy, if you require proof, I'll see if I can't send someone to Hawaii and retrieve a copy of my birth certificate. :rolleyes:

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