What a Friday!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LwnmwrMan22, Jun 5, 2004.

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    After raining 19 of the last 22 days, we've had nothing but cloudless skies and 75 degree weather.

    Went and started trimming a strip-mall that hasn't been mowed for 2 weeks thanks to the rain and low and behold, MONEY! Bend over and pick it up, it's a $100 bill! WOOHOO!

    Get done with the trimming, I was hungry so I figured I'd eat LARGE now, and ate at the KFC buffet. :)

    Called my wife, told her what I found and she said, did you look around?? Maybe there's more?? I said nah... there's nothing else.

    Get done, go back to the truck and started mowing, get about 15' from where I found the $100, there's another bill, all folded up. Unfold it... holy crap! ANOTHER $100. Now I'm off my mower, walking the whole area, digging in the bushes, looking in the trees, anywhere I can think of and found another $1.

    What a nice tip for not mowing the property for 2 weeks. If I hadn't been behind because of the rain, the guy that picks up the garbage on the property after the weekend probably would have found it.

    $201... some nice beer money :eek:

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