What a laugh!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Chilehead, Jun 15, 2008.

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    So this new prospect emails me to do an estimate for mowing his property. It's a fairly small lot, so I bid $30.00 a cut. He emails me back saying that his "current" provider is cutting it for $25.00 a cut and is performing bed & lawn weed control for free. I totally bust out laughing! Another case of some people doing anything for peanuts. I then reply to him saying that I am staying firm with my bid. I really wish that there was a mandatory (not optional) exam that people had to take to be a professional landscaper. If U.S. status was a prerequisite, and if such a program was publicized enough, I really think that some of the "el cheapo squads" would have a hard time: it would be MORE of a crime for them to operate(it's already a crime).
  2. Brianslawn

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    we lost one to a guy charging $5. i guess trimming, edging, blowing, and mowing the back yard are extra. haha!

    saw another new lawnboy today dragging his push mower down the street behind his pickup truck. i didnt look close enough, but he may have had weed whacker tied to ball hitch, too. hahaha!!!

    did taco bell just fire a bunch of dumb white guys nationwide? the mexicans are the expensive ones around here. haha!
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    I can't see how any of these guys makes a profit really.

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    No overhead..simple live cheap work cheap..
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    I have to say that is there answer.
  6. jeffex

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    IMO you NEVER wish for more regulation of your industry. That is a monster that may help you at first but when they cleanup the lowballers they don't just sit back.... they come after you for BS . Regulations grow to feed on you to hire more regulators .... and so it goes.. Just compete and don't sweat the little guy.
  7. Chilehead

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    That's true about regulation. I'm talking about an exam like what plumbers, electricians, and hvac professionals have to take. Even lawyers must pass a state bar exam to practice law. What I'm trying to say is that there needs to be a test to prove competence in the green industry, not government regulation.
  8. jeffex

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    I understand your desire to elevate this industry to be on par with plumbers and electricians but in a way it takes care of itself. If all you have to offer is mowing thats about the skill level of putting in a light fixture or cleaning out a drain. If your able to educate and sell to your customers proper turf mgt. ,shrub maintenance, landscaping etc..and make their place stand out from the mow and go crowd then your not in competition with those guys. Your better off spending your efforts in attracting clients on the higher end scale than wishing for some BS test to weed out the scrubs. But most of all who says they will take the test anyway and how much higher will your taxes be to pay for some schmuck to drive around looking for your lawn mower lisc. Just my view point. I say let the market take care of itself. Thats exactly what I love about this business...FREEDOM to be as good as I want (or bad) and charge what I can get!!!!
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    There is such a test, it's just de-regulated meaning we don't have to go to a physical location to take it and we don't get the score in our face. But every single day we get tested, this very thread is a perfect example of a customer 'giving' some of us the test, I am guessing you found this frustrating :p

    But I am pretty sure plumbers, electricians, and hvac professionals get this very same test, too.
    Because they quote jobs too, and then there's always that someone who can do it for less :p
  10. larryinalabama

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    Well said...........

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