What A Mess!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smcunningham, Apr 24, 2007.

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    IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR SOMEONE VENT STOP READING NOW>>>Mowed right over a newspaper and it was a little breezy today 30 min clean up time........now I'm fustrated, 30 mins behind schedule.......bust azz catch up.....serviced four more customers and now I'm ahead bout 20 min....the days goal was to be able to do three of my weds propertys today because there calling for 70% rain weds starting around 2:00pm......on to my 7th customer of the day.......hit another newspaper, all now I'm T TOTALLY P*ST OFF....another thirty mins lost........but lesson learned don't worry about tommorow concentrate on today........needless to say I still got my three props serviced that were for weds.....but all in all rough day..
    Oh yeah I used my w/b with grass cather the last five mins of cleahing the last one up and if i would of done this from the beginning total lost time would of been 10/15 mins for both mistakes.......just needed to gripe about it,thanks for reading .....wife don't wanna hear about anything to do with anything related to lawncare or ls
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    sucks for you dude.. Ive hit many a paper myself.. that will teach us to walk the property before we mow next time huh?


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    LOL....saw a guy blow thru the morning paper today, homeowner came out iiiiirrrraaattteeeeee, and it was funny, because none of the amigos really knew what she was saying.:confused: ....We were planting flowers across the street. It wasnt the first time, and from her words, I think it might be the last time once hubby gets home. Needless to say, I left a card on the door, with a note referencing the lawns we service near her. Always walk the property, or at least stop trying to mow like you are on the Indy 500.
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    Don't feel bad, I sucked up a BIG rug the other day...
    Stupid, it was all dirty and I'm thinking the WB's breeze will clean it off, ooops dang it got sucked in.
    15-20 minutes cleaning up (dont forget the strings around the blades), $30 lost because no charge to the customer.

    Yeah you don't think of the mess until it happens, then it's like OMG...
    And you saw the newspaper but you figure it will be ok.
    Then you think it won't take that long to clean up, but it does.

    My best one thou was running over my own pitchfork with the Wb, and a tine wrapping itself around the blade and stripping the blade bolt, I ALMOST had to run home to get a spare bladebolt but I tacked it on and it held long enough to finish.

    Oh yeah, good times :laugh:
    Coat hangers and 120v extension cords / cable tv lines are fun, too.

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