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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SuperLawn, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. SuperLawn

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    Today I lost my account # 5

    #1.- $2000.00 (Mow $180.00 a Month) a year owner sold the House.

    #2.- $2,500.00(Mow $200.00 a Month) a year owner (Doctor) sold the house and move out the city

    #3.- $1,120.00 (Mow $180.00 a Month)
    Small duplex sold no deal with the new owner

    #4.- $840.00(Mow $120.00 a Month)a year owner lost the Job

    #5.- $840.00(Mow $120.00 a Month)a year she want to be mow only on call.

    So, Here goes my new house payments

    BTW: How many LCO are from Salt Lake City Utah and how has being this season so far for everybody:( :mad: :mad: :confused:

  2. Firefighter Dave

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck.....

    "So, Here goes my new house payments." - that really scares me when I hear people say this.... not just you, but everyone. How do you guys know where the cut off is for knowing what is "secure" money or extra money for the pocket? I had always had the privilege to have the money for gas, insurance, me, etc. but never anything really capital expenditures..

    This could really put a damper on someone. Kinda like all their eggs in one basket? How do you guys handle this?


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  3. leadarrows

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    This is why I don't have a new truck and trailer. I have added lawn services to my construction clean-up services because of that, all my eggs in one basket, feeling I have had for the past couple of years. I will take on a variety of jobs as long as I can provide professional results for a competitive price. I wont accept "scrub" prices for any of the work I do. The green Industry is not the only industry that is hurt by low-balling.
    I have only two major accounts in my clean up services. They are both providing about 30% each of my total net income. Losing either of these accounts would be a night mare for me. I worry about it but I know that if I did lose one I could beat the bushes and find enough work to last till I found another similar account. What choice would I have. Nothing motivates you to get out and get new accounts like losing one does. Now if I lost both of them at once I would be in trouble. One of those accounts did try using there own labor force for about 3 months once but we got the account back because the builders complained about the decrease in professional services. We survived it because we have been careful about our budget and being patient when it comes to new equipment purchases.

    You will find new accounts keep the faith and good luck.
  4. SuperLawn

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    Thank you Leadarrows and Dave.

    Well I got a couple new account, I hope to get some more, soon.

    How is everything for you guys


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