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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by JT1304, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. JT1304

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    I have tried to get approval to open a small nursery/stone yard here. Its a great idea, I believe, since all our suppliers are spread out. My problem has with the city. They wanted $7k to tell me my plan was rejected at a rezoning hearing. $7k!!! I pulled my application before the meeting. I found out my plan was denied in a pre-plan submittal meeting. Who knows? Maybe i can find a new locale this year.
  2. CNYScapes

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    Same bull$#t here, seems like the only place around here zoned for a nursery / bulk yard is out in the middle of nowhere! I have a lot zoned industrial and the town is so hard to deal with its ridiculous.:realmad:
  3. Paradise Landscapes

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    I believe in my method: Its' my property, you ain't gonna tell me what to do with it. I own it fair and square. I have 2 acres here. but need a dump site.
  4. 06HD BOSS

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    The key with the town is to play dumb. I used to be a manager at a garden center/nursery and we constructed all these nice cedar shade trellises and display areas. When spring comes you dont have time to submit an application, just build it. So the town called us out on it..."oh really you need to apply to put up shade trellises, how were we supposed to know?" BS, after they realized the place looked better and brought in more people we never heard about it again.
  5. JT1304

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    Skip a few tax payments and then see if it is still yours. Taxes insure that no one ever owns damn thing. I even have to pay taxes on my dog!!!
  6. Paradise Landscapes

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    true, but I'm in regards of zoning.
  7. Imulchmore

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    We are having the same problem we bought a peice of land last year in downingtown, Pa and started doing work on the property. It was overgrown and had piles of debris after many years of dumping. We brought in dumpsters we removed 20, 40-yard containers of railroad ties and probably another 10-15 dumpsters of old used tires just buried in the dirt and debris. We did all of this with the proper permits and zoning hearings. As soon as we started to grade and put stone down for our bins the (DEP) Department of Enviormental Protetion and Soils & Conservation stepped in and Gave us a STOP work order. Now it has been since August 05 and we are still meeting with engineers. and waiting for the DEP to look over our plans. :sleeping:
  8. JT1304

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    Nothing like waiting on the gov't. They figure they have more $$$ than you and can wait you out until you give up. Evidentially, a small landscape supplier will not give them the tax rev they want. It all comes down to a dollar......:nono:

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