What A Rough Start To A Season

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J&J Customs, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. J&J Customs

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    Is it just me or has the start of the season been really rough for Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri? I was looking at some rainfall totals today and in the month of March we recorded a little under 18" of rain. Start of April isn't looking so great either. Today it rained a little under an inch and tonight and tomorrow were expecting another 5". If this keeps up instead of mowing yards ill be fishing in them. Is this weather hurting business for anyone else or are you just mowing through it?
  2. millenium_123

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    Gosh I wish it was raining like that here. I SURE wouldn't be complaining! We have not had any moisture in about 6 weeks or so. The city is threatening water rationing. These storm systems just skip over TX and go to OK:cry:
  3. Even Cut Lawn Care

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    Since most of my lawns have water running throuh or standing in them I've ordered some custom flotation devices for my zeros that way i can still mow... I think itll save gas if I mow with the current...lol
  4. David Gretzmier

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    Luckily I'm more of a part timer on the mowing end. last week there was really only 2 days you could work, and this week is looking like 2-3 days max with rain tomorrow and friday. I can get my stuff done in 2 days, then everything else is optional- mulching, landscape lighting, planting, etc. Even If I had a full schedule of mowing, the bermuda and zoysia here is only about 10% green at most. I've already scalped back most of the brown at this point, maybe 2 more passes then I need 50-60% green to be cutting anything. hopefully warmer temps will bring that by late april. The fescue looks to be coming on decent, and will probably explode here in 2 weeks or so.
  5. Charles

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    Last year really was a stinker for the Southeast. Very dry and chilly start with freezing temps in April. This year has been wetter with up and down temps. Warm season grasses are still slow to start. Weeds have been helped by the rain. Not many weeds to cut last year due to the drought.
    I remember Texas getting all the rain last year. Probably the midwest getting lots of rain. This year looks similiar with the La nina weather pattern still entrenched
    We had 80s yesterday and fifty's today and 70s tommorrow. Driving me nuts. Okay nuttier:rolleyes::laugh:

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