What a sweet old lady....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Apr 14, 2001.

  1. KirbysLawn

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    Just thought I would let you guys/gals kow there are a few nice older ladys around. I just started with a new customer, she called me twice yesterday wanting to make sure I was going to show up. I was thinking oh no!

    Well we meet and she was very nice, she told me what she wanted and such. Then she brought me the check and said I'll let you go, I know you are busy and need to get to work. I think I stood there confused for a minute.

    A few more like this and I will be letting my final 2 "problem" customers go. If I hear the story of her neighbors draining the pool and the water draining across her driveway again I think I'll scream!!! @#*!@#
  2. dhicks

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    Some of the old timers can be really nice to work for. For example, an 80 year old lady called recently re spring clean up. While she is 80 years old, I really think that she could whip my arse even if she were having a bad day.

    She has been married for 62 years and the wedding photo of her clearly reflects that she was a real looker in the old days. Unfortunately, her husband had a partial stroke last year and she needs to tend to his every need.

    Matter of fact, her grandson is a lawn care professional but does not like clean ups. It took me 32 hours to clean 20 years of dead trees, limbs, vines, old tires etc, and place 4 yards of mulch.

    She paid me on the spot, even though I told her that I would invoice her at the end of the month. Her only complaint was that I did not charge her enough. While some of my older customer have to screw the sock on because they are so tight, she paid my bill happily and is one happy camper.
  3. cantoo

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    I gave an estimate for some landscaping to a new customer today and they said start as soon as you can. This includes fertilizing and some other work in the Fall so I always make it due on Aug 15, they said that isn't right they want to pay now before I start. He said he was old and might not be around in August.. better get your money while you can he says...
  4. awm

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    one thing i have learned to expect is when
    alshimer or old age syndrom hits . ill probably get fired 4-5 times in the last yr there able to stay at home.
    when they get argumentative and easily ticked off
    i know they are usually approaching the end of the time when i can help them. but yes kirby they can be the best
    and i loveum all .
  5. Charles

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    Yea alot of the are nice in the beginning and even the bad ones have their good days but just waite one day she will drop the bomb on you LOL. Like awn said they seem to go downhill at some point. Familiarity breeds contempt, is very true in the lawn care biz

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