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What a Week


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Northeast Ohio
I have had more breakdowns this week than I've had all year. First of all (and most serious), on Monday, I was mulching leaves when I heard a loud BANG and watched oil pour out the bottom of my scag. This is only an 8 month old unit (an Ultimate SWZU 52"). I took it to the place where purchased to have it repaired. Turns out the large engine - blade belt snapped, and tore into the seal under the engine. They repaired it in a couple of hours and I was on the road again. The boss wasn't at the dealership and I figured it was warranty work, so they let me go and said the boss would call later to work out the details. He called yesterday and said it was not covered because the belt caused the damage and was only under warranty for 90 days. (Actually, this is the 4th belt I've put on since I purchased the unit. The 1st went out weeks after the warranty was up in July, the 2nd went when I found out a week or so ago when I tried to raise the deck all the way up to 4.5" and it shredded in 30 seconds, the 3rd belt went on the day of this oil draining incident.) So anyways, I have to bring the unit back this week so they can see for themselves that this Scag does eat belts and I can possibly have repairs covered under warranty. Maybe they can also fix this problem, although from what I heard, Scag is still scratching their heads about the deck problem.

On Wednesday my Echo PB60's muffler came loose and the bolts melted thru the guard. Somehow both bolts loosened and stripped out of the cylinder block. Another 2 days of down time to have that repaired and the cylinder re-tapped.

Now it's raining with the promise of snow, and I hope we don't get any accumulation before I can get everyone's cleanup done.

Just thought I'd vent some...Although if anyone has had any similar problems with the same Scag model, I'd like to hear how it was rectified.

Sounds like a design problem coupled with a bad run of belts. Give the dealer one chance to honor it under warranty and then contact Scag direct.

Like Smokey the Bear says " Only you can prevent yourself from geting hosed under warranty claims denials"


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stanfield nc
Sorry to here about your wk. We all haveum.
One thing though .Most of us have learned you got to
have some sort of backup for most all equipment.
Yes i can say costly. good luck.



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Zone 9
I agree with turfman!

Try and work it out with the dealer, you will be sure to visit them again. If you can't come to terms contact skag!