What abou a yanmar VIO30 ?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by wellbuilt, Aug 5, 2007.

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    HI guys Im new here .Im a GC and would like a mini Ex and skidstear to dig footings for additions grade floors and backfill I am looking at a yanmar VIO30 6000 7000 LB with a 18" bucket and backfill blade I want to move it with my F 350 dsl pickup with a 12000Lb dump trailer The VIO is 0 tail spin and can fold up in the box. I use a bobcat 753 to backfill my jobs and its ok but its a bit tippy would a larger skidstear be better. I need to pull some 15" pine trees . The guy that digs for me uses a kx121 kabota around 10000 lb it big to pull with a pickup and i dont want that larg of a investment I was looking to spend around 15000 for a good Mini EX 2100 hrs +- I spend around 20000 in rentals now . some of that cash is on larger excavators for larger jobs that i would spend anty way. The dirt is very hard here and i do want to get down 4' for footings most jobs are 52' long 4' deep and 20" wide and i would like to use a 18" bucket . What do you guys think of the Yanmar vio30 for my work John WellBuiltHomeAdditions
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    You may want to pencil it all out before you commit to buying your own equipment. A 30 series machine would be on the small side to do that size dig especially in tough ground conditions. It comes down to what your time is worth. If your the one who will run the excavator then you will spend all day on the machine and not getting other things done. Mathmatically the dig comes out to about 150 yards of material not counting overdig nor a swell factor so you could be around that 200 yard mark. That is a bit of material taken with an 18" bucket. You will also need to reposition the material either with the skid steer or your excavator. A 10K or better sized machine, as you can dig that without having to move the material twice. I have a reach of 20 plus feet at ground level as do most 10-12K machines. You could dig that in two passes and most likely never have to rehandle the material. It would also allow you to go to a 30 or 36" bucket and cut your time on site by half.

    On the skid steer, my thoughts are you can spec a 2-2200 ROC machine down to about 66" in width (at the bucket). That is not a lot wider than your 753 (I think it is about 3" wider) but with this size machine I can bring 85 hp to bear and get two speed and ride control and handle 66", 73" or 80 inch buckets if you chose. You now have a production dirt moving machine and other than an increase in weight and a small increase in physical size, they are not much different than what your currently running (you may use a little more fuel). The key to making money IMHO is production. You can get by with the smaller equipment but it will cost you in other areas. It comes down to your time schedule, availability, labor, and what your excavator is charging to do that dig. If he is reasonable in price and does a good job, given the restraints you have (size of excavator) it would seem best to let him do the digging, but of course you will have to make that call.
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    I agree with ksss, the Vio30 is on the small end of things,take a look at a vio45-5, its a very good machine, I have heard positive comments.

    In skid steers, a 2000lb + unit is the way to go now, also look at the Takeuchi TB153R.

  4. wellbuilt

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    My jobs are mostly trench footings 52' long 4' deep 20" inches wide .the center dig is about 320sq feet 20" the top is soft we remove the dirt in a dump trailer three yards at a time more if the run is easey. If i could dig this in a day it would be worth it to me.The 30 is much smaller and fits in my dump trailer sweet .but the vio40 is makeing my mouth water.My wife said no to the 40s price .I could get some 30 stickers and she mite not catch me.What do you think about the bucket sitting on the tongue .I would get a tilt trailer but i have three dumps that i rent out.and they take up most of my parking spots when they are at the shop. the voi is about 5000 dollers more , but has 1800hrs I think its a 99, they both have new tracks.and the paint is fair.
  5. fhdesign

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    I've been running a new 35 it's a great machine, it's only about 4 tons and I tow it with a f350. Bigger is probably better but the 35 is a nice size machine.
  6. wellbuilt

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    but i think its newer then i have cash for..
  7. Scag48

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    I have about 60 hours in a Vio55-5. While I like this machine the crowd force leaves a little to be desired in hard digging conditions with a 24" bucket. A 30 is a small machine and for this type of work I would suggest nothing smaller than a 45.
  8. wellbuilt

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    But i dont want to dig for a liveing i just want to dig jobs that i build.I think the 55 is to much cash ,to heavy ,I mite be able to swing a .vio40 I think they are around 8700 lb I have a 12000lb low boy dump trailer and the trailer is 3000 lb.What do you think about sliping the 40 in a 12' dump box ? The vio30 fits in sweet.I was thinking of welding a nice bracket on the frame to hold the bucket above the battery box . I rent a kabotaKX 91 and chain the bucket to the frount of the dump box and never had a problem with the DOT boys .It looks like the VIO40 fits center over the wheels right to the back door and the bucket would sit folded up on the box bracket. The KX91 looks big in the box but it had a cab.I dont work much more then 6 mils from the house . I could swing a new 14000lb trailer in the spring! but i have 3 dumps now and dont want to be a garbage man eather THanks for the replys John
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    The larger machine is definitely a more capable machine, however the smaller one will probably get your work done fine, especially if the kx91 has been big enough. With the larger machine check the weight, your trailer may end up being a little small.
  10. wellbuilt

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    I rented a Vio 30 today and it worked out ok .I did not see very much hard dirt but it dug Strong for its size. It graded the site well and we dug some drain lines pulled a few stumps , put down some topsoil. It fit in my trailer witch was nice .I think it would be ok . When i got home i started looking around the net for parts and manuals and found that the vio30 was not made to be sold in the us market .I think with out a manual i would be in trouble. what about parts ? I found a yanmar VIO35 2003 2300 hrs for 18000 asking price. but thats more money then i wanted to spend .it is a sweet EX, good paint feels new.looks new. comes with all the books.its about a hour from the house. so i went to take a look .The 30 s I've seen are looking a bit used but i found one that seem to look better then the rest. It a 1997 with about 2500hrs needs paint and the bucket is beet up a bit.asking price is 13000 with new tracks. do you guys think i would be better off with the 35 because i can get parts from yanmar ? I think the 35 will last longer and it dose have more reach witch could make the difference when digging a 16' job .and the newer VIOS have more power. I think it will ride on the dump trailer ok . Im getting ready to flip a coin .( heads or tails) please advise thank John

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