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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by emt144, Sep 5, 2004.

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    Im Ryan, 21 year old from Pryor, Oklahoma. Just starting out in the buisness myself. For now I am working as an EMT for a couple of ambulance services. But because of the low pay and long hours, Im thinking heavely about lawn care. My uncle does this professionally so at least I have someone to consult with. Anyway, right now I have a 42" cub cadet lawn tractor. For refrence its the cheapest one they make. 1600 dollars new. I have been thinking about buying one of their commercial units ( walk behind or zero). Compared to all the other ones I have looked at, these units look and feel very dependable. Very high recomendations as far as the residential units are concerned, but I have looked all over this site for a mention of cub cadet and havent found one.

    Anyone like to comment on cub cadet?
  2. zpoore

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    me and my sisters boyfriend are in together and he has a cub RZT 22 50" cut its a home owner zero turn but it was $3000 and we needed a new mower so we got that and he has had it about 2 months now and still nothing wrong, we mow 1 full day of work. I would recommend it if you are on a budget and need a good mower but if you can afford more and do a lot of work get a commercial mower such as cub commercial or exmark etc.
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    This comes up a lot. For the record, Cub Cadet is made by MTD, who also owns Troy Built, White, and a few other lines. Not to mention MTD makes parts for just about every lawn mower around. They also make the Lesco mowers, although a bit cheaper than their own named models. I have 2 cub cadet walk behinds which have been running for 9 and 7 years. Excellent mowers, very tough, very dependable. Although they seem to get a lot of bad talk, which is crazy when people go on and on about how great Lesco mowers are and they are the same thing! Anyway, my 2 cents is they are just fine and I highly recommend Cub Commercial mowers.


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