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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES, Apr 18, 2008.


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    I figured i would give it a try. If the moderators don't like it, they can yank it.

    Anyone have any proven ways of secureing items against theft. i recently had someone try to swipe an equipment trailer but since i had a cable run between the two tires, it slowed them down enough that they just gave up and left it half in the road. I think they expected to find something secureing the toung, but did not realize that the tires were locked up until they tried to drive off. At that time they probally freaked out and ran off.

    I also am curious if anyone has ever looked into "lowjack" for their more expensive items?
  2. Johnson LCO

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    Someone had to ge the ball rolling...thanks. I think this forum will be very helpful if people can discuss how to prevent theft and secure equipment. I also think that if landscpaers said how their equipment was secured when it was stolen would help would tell the rest of us what does and doesnt work.
  3. Jason Pallas

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    Good idea (cable). Will have to remember that. Nice to see this forum. I had a truck and trailer with equipment stolen (the whole rig!) a few years ago. I learned a lot of tricks - most important, I've installed toggle kill switches on all our trucks (along with lots of dummy switches). Very easy to do.
  4. Breezmeister

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    Back when I worked for TGLC, it was part of my job to engrave all new equipment, riders to trimmers. I would put the branch number and the serial number in places that could be seen very easily and places it couldn't. Don't know if it made any difference.
  5. kleankutslawn

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    never leave the truck and trailer hooked together when parking
  6. Dripit good

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    Unfortunately thieves are very brazen. They will rip through the side of your truck or trailer like a like a can opener if they are motivated. We have been hit hard.

    We have 8 security cameras (3 inside the shop, 5 outside, strategically aimed) and alarm system with motion sensors. Trailers are locked and backed up to each other or walls so they are forced to go through the side of it. Nothing of value is to be left in the cab of trucks, and leave them unlocked. Broken windows are expensive when they are numerous. We park loaders in front of the gates with kill switches (that you will never find) to prevent further gate crashers.

    On the site, the supervisor or foreman must be aware of his surroundings and lock the trailer when it will be out of sight.

    It's the employee theft that really hurts.

    Our neighbor across the street got hit recently and the police asked to see our recordings. They know we record the street pretty well capturing the comings and goings. It is frustrating seeing these bottom feeders doing their thing, and not being able to stop them in the process. At least you get clues as to their identity with the video.
  7. Woody82986

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    I know it may not seem like something nobody thinks of, but redundancy has always worked for me. I try to make sure I lock things up with several cables running through my stuff if I am leaving it on my trailer. I pretty much lock everything to eachother and through places on my mower with several different cables in several different directions. I feel like if someone really wants my stuff, they will get it no matter what, but if I make it god-awful hard and a major pain in the ass to be able to get to it, then it might deter the theives just looking for a quick score.
  8. ken gustafson

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    I have checked into installing LoJack type of setups into our trailer locks. Requires battery power supply....in our trailer locks battery power is to large at the present time. So it requires battery power in addition to making sure the trailer does not move. LoJack type setups might be available with regular current but have not checked that part out. Cutting chains,cables and padlocks present very little problems to actual thieves versus wannabes. Ken
  9. landscaper22

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    Yeah bottom line, if someone wants it they will probably take it. But they have to come prepared. Most of the time it is just a crime of opportunity. Someone walks past your trailer during the night and sees a trimmer just sitting there, it's gone. Most thieves just walk neighborhoods looking for unlocked vehicles and looking for dumb people who leave expensive tools laying around. You lock your trimmer racks and use cables for the other stuff like Woody said and most people will not bother it. It makes it a little more difficult and takes a little more time to take it.
    My advice is to use alarms, motion lights, or whatever to scare anyone snooping around, draw attention, and to alert you that something is going on. I have a motion light looking over my equipment. I also have a motion chime alarm looking over my stuff . You can't here it on the outside, but it chimes inside the let me know motion has been detected. So, there is no way anyone can come by undetected. My storage building also has a cheap battery powered motion alarm. So, if someone breaks in, my neighbors will know and I will know. All of these devices are cheap, but they greatly increase your chances of keeping your stuff safe. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars, just put your mind to work. I always try to think like a criminal too. It helps me come up with new ways to protect my stuff.

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    i was thinking of looking into the low jack also. i saw it was only $700 for trailers, which is pritty cheap when you consider a trailer and its contents could cost around $15k.

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