What about Surfers, Standers, Sentars & slopes?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Dec 11, 2002.

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    OK, so I have picked out some ZTR's and walkbehinds to demo and see if they can cut it. But what about these Surfers, Standers & Sentars?

    The reason I asked is because my interest has been "renewed" in the Sentar. I finally got to atleast see one of them! It wasn't the new design since they are not out yet. But a sentar nonetheless.

    The dealer sold both Toro and Wright. When I went in, I didn't show any particular interest in any one brand or machine. I explained my situtation to the salesman and he recommended the Sentar.

    He boasted that the Stander was the #1 machine on the market for hills, while the Sentar was a close 2nd. I have heard so much at this point I don't know what to believe. But I guess he could have attemped to sell me a big Toro Z Master with a bigger price tag though.

    Any thoughts?
  2. devildog

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    Common sense, anything on four wheels, mowing on these caonditions is dangerous. The Surfer, does give you a slightly better "feel" over a Z. With rrregards... devildog
  3. The Mowerdude

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    That's nothing!

    There's a guy on this very forum that boasts about how good his Murray is on hills. You should consider one of those.


    Envy- why don't you please stop this incessant discussion about EVERY last mower on the market. You registered barely 3 months ago and you're already up to 620 posts on this forum alone. You truly must not have anything better to do than to go waste mower dealer's time and then coming back here and wasting our time by getting everyone involved in a "my mower is better than yours" discussion. It's obvious that you have no intention of buying anything, so what are you gaining if it isn't just to get attention?

    Please, please, just cool your jets for a while. Am I asking too much?

    BTW, I'm going to take a look over on the "other" forum to see if you've once again posted the same darn question on 2 forums.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Ahh...Once again the MowerDUD :laugh: follows me around on the forums show his peers just how childish he can be! Try acting your age, not your IQ!!!

    By the way, I didn't know it was your job to regualte the number or the subject matter of my posts. Furthermore, so what if I'm willing to come on here and show without a doubt I don't know jack about commercial grade mowers. SO WHAT! I'm not too proud to ask questions if there is something I don't know.

    I for one am trying to make an intellegent informed business decision here. So if I want to discuss and ask questions about every last mower on the market. Well then I guess that's my business right???

    If the posts bother you, ingnore them!!!

    Why did I even say that? We both know you aren't going to to that. Why? Because it's clear there is some other issue that get under your skin here and it don't have jack to do with this thread. You are just too much of a wuss to be a man and admitt what it is that's really bothering you...

    By the way, thanks for reminding me that I didn't add you to my ignore list on this forum

    THANX :D
  5. The Mowerdude

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    :) Well, Envy

    I see I got your attention. Ok, let's address these issues.

    I'm not making any attempt whatsoever to regulate the number of posts you make. I'm simply pointing out that, for the short time that you've been here, you talked more than entire groups of people combined. AND, you keep going over already covered ground.

    "So what if I'm willing to come on here and admit that I don't know jack about commercial grade mowers....."

    Don't patronize me, ok? We both know that you know plenty about commercial mowers. But it appears as though you can't seem to make up your mind which one you want to buy. I'm guessing that, in reality, you don't have the money or credit for any of them and this constantly asking questions is nothing more than a smokescreen. I'm guessing this because I've been there. So rather than discussing mowers at incredible lengths, why not post some questions about how to actually put the money together to pay for one? Now there's where a forum might be able to really help.

    "...it's clear there is some other issue......You are too much of a wuss to be a man and admitt what it is that's really bothering you...."

    One thing I've NEVER done up on the boards of ANY forum, is resort to name calling. But the fact is that I'm NOT a wuss. Quite the opposite. I know for a fact that there are numerous members here that find your posts to be very irritating. I'm just the only one with the stones to lock horns with you.

    And just to prove to you that I can admit what the REAL issue is, I'll lay it out for you. It's obvious that you've been in business for a short time. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with that, you present yourself as an "authority" on so many subjects that you really have very little knowledge about. Case in point. You went into a lengthy discussion about Round-Up vs. Spectracide. It became obvious that your entire knowledge of these products came from the product labels themselves. You have zero training with these chemicals and knew nothing of any license requirements. Then when you get corrected, your incredibly inflated ego will not let you take a little medicine. There's my issue with you! You should really call your service "Ego Lawn." I personally HATE egos and I find it virtually impossible to resist sadistically poking fun at an ego and then seeing that ego go ballistic. To me, that's one of life's little pleasures.

    This forum is a place for people to share ideas and thoughts. I wish I had this when I was starting out. I don't know how much you have personally learned here, but I know that your ego has caused you to miss a lot of solid advice simply because your so darn smug with what you THINK you already know. If one combines that with your not having the money for a new mower, it's easy to see that you have all of the key peices for failure in this business...i.e. Wrong equipment, lack of funds, lack of product knowledge and an arrogant refusal to shut your yap and learn. Sounds a lot like some scrubs around here. You're not a scrub are you?

    Now, I ask you. Would a wuss tell you that? And by the way, you can rebutt this until you're blue in the face and it won't change anything. You can call me names, flame my posts and discredit me any way you can think up and you'll still have that amazing ego that's working against you.

    Rather than banter this back and forth on the boards, why don't you get my phone number off of my website. Long distance is cheap these days. And that phone number is my cell, which means it's with me most of the time. Here, I'll even save you the trouble of looking up my website. www.mowerdudes.com

    Give me a call. If you want to yell at me, you can. If you want to dicuss this post, you can. If you want to disparage me, you can. If you want to put your ideas together with someone who's had a long hard struggle to get his business where it is today, and can help you overcome the obstacles that I KNOW you're going to run into, we can do that too. Another one of my pleasures is when I'm able to take the lessons that have been so costly to me, and help others avoid those mistakes. The choice is yours.
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    WOW now thats hog wrestlen....very nice dude......well stated!
  8. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    WOW,Very good reading!!
  9. 65hoss

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    Call him. He can help you much more than all these many many threads about the same things just with different mowers.
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    Yeah I'd have to say that 8.5 posts per day is a bit much. Remember it is quality not quantity of posts that really count :D

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