what aerater do you all like

what do you all think ....if you were going to spend around 2,000 what aerater would you buy,and do you know who sells classen in MN,i live near turfco....but i never see anyone use them,there price seems ok.


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Lesco aerators are Classen built in case you have one around you. I think they are built in Nebraska, so you might have a Classen dealer some place in Mn.

I just went to their website, but they don't have a dealer locator on it. They do have a toll free number and you can even talk to Larry Classen himself or email them for a dealer list in your area. http://www.classen-mfg.com/products.html

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If you can do it, go for the oull behind. I have some areas that I cannot get the pull behind in, and some hills. I own the Lesco pull behind, as well as a Ryan LA 4. The Ryan is only used for trimming, and hills.

I bought the Ryan first, then the Lesco. My thinking was that I could do everything with the Ryan, only it would take longer. It was correct. I could not do everything with the pull behind.

If I had it to do over again, I would buy the pull behind, and rent a walk unit for a day and do those tight areas that the large one can't get. I would look for a nice used walk behind just for trimming.

The pull behind will be twice as productive, and you will not be tired.


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Depending on how much trimming you have, Home Depot sells a neat thing that has two tubes at the bottom of a T handle, and you push down and step on the crossbar. If you keep one foot on, you can "walk" with it and do your tight ares. I made my own, but the one they sell is priced right.


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Originally posted by scottlawns
what do you all think ....if you were going to spend around 2,000 what aerater would you buy
I would spend an extra $1000 and buy the Classen! My wife used my new Classen yesterday with very little difficulty. My payments are $135.00 for 24 months.


Eric ELM

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If you have something to tow it with, the 42" Classen is around $1250 and the 60" is around $1750.

i will check out the classen...i really dont think i can get a pull behind cause i only have greatdane surfers.

thankyou for the advise


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Scott, I just got a Lesco 42" tow behind(same as Eric's). Its the only way to go! I'll never be beaten up by a walk-behind aerator again! I use a Gator to tow it.


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If you can spend the extra $$$, I would go for the Ryan LA28. I bought one several years ago, and it is great. You can turn while aerating, it is way faster than an LA4 (which I have as well), and I have pulled plugs that have been 4" of solid thatch (the LA4 wouldn't even touch it). It does a great job, tons of cores. I usually get jobs from the neighbors when they see how good a job it does.

Drawbacks are it is pricey (but you should be able to charge more as well), and hills are a bit tricky sometimes.