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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sbvfd592, Feb 16, 2002.

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    what age did you all start cutting what age are you all now how did u all start out IM 15 and have close to 30 accounts now putting up a new shed at a local construction yard next week started with dads old reel mower and hand powered grass clippers when i was 9 years old God things have changedgs have changed

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    27 years old!
    When I was your age, I was LAZY.School was tough enough (in my mind). You are going to gain a lot from starting now. You'll learn what hard work is. You'll gain business skills and people skills that will go with you in whatever you do in life. Get your business honed down to a fine tuned machine. But DO NOT try to get overloaded on customers. Spring and fall are busy months and you need to make school #1 in priority. Good Luck.
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    i am 16, roughly started when i was about 13 or 14
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    um do a search, there was a 3 or 4 page thread recently.

    Deleted picture......

    Plow Kid : As I have previously stated, quit posting these pictures whenever you feel someone posts a "repeat" post. Dog with gun, cat with gun, guy with question marks, or whatever new one you will try to come up with, Don't post them.

    If repeat posts bother you, then don't read them and move on.
    This is no longer funny, and it is getting tiresome.
    Also it does nothing but make new/newer members feel unwelcome to post their questions!!!!
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    My dad is a self employed plumber so at about 13 I can remember crawling under a trailer home with a flash light that had been flooded by a broken toilet pipe. (for several weeks these people had been flushing their toilet directly under their trailer!) Laying on my back in a pool of raw sewage... ugh, after the first 10 or so minutes you get use to the smell. He did this to me only
    once! It was December 24th, about 10 below zero.... I can remember the only satisfaction I had from this "job" was the warmth of my surrounding pool. Sorry if I grossed anyone out .. but, its true. :angry:

    After that I refused to help or "work" (never got paid) for him in any plumbing job.

    So, to keep busy and earn extra cash I grabbed grandpas lawn equipment and started mowing for neighbors. My Grandpa paid for all gas and upkeep as long as I put 50% of my earnings back into a savings account. He also said he would match the
    savings when it was time to withdrawal it. Im sure he did that to get me to keep working as much as possible, it worked. At that time I can remember mowing a lawn for as little as $8!! But, back then you could almost buy an entire box of baseball cards for that.

    I did that from about 13 to 16 and quit the neighbor hood mowing when I got my drivers license. I started working for a guy
    when I was 17, bought his company shortly after I graduated then sold my company in Aug. of 99.

    Ha, I can remember on my 18th birthday, my Grandpa handed me the savings coupon book. At this point I had placed that savings account in the back of my head and had totally forgotten it. Well, as promised he matched the account. I bought my
    first new work truck, paid in full cash. I had earned quite a few dollars over those summers, plus the interest... well, I was shocked. This summer mowing job worked out quite well, it kept me out of trouble, I learned responsibility, I might have kept a few of my older neighbors from having heart attacks mowing their own lawn, the 50% that I kept for myself I spent mainly on
    baseball cards which I still have, (Some of them are worth quite a bit) & I learned that saving money really does make a difference.
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    Hey plow boy ...he is a kid an at he is TRYING...give him a break!If you don't like any post here all you hafta do is hit the "back"click on your pc.Hell i do it all the time .We are not trying to train people here just share advise.:blob4: :blob1: :blob3:
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    chuck ,i had that same experience and i was already a fair plumber. coldest time i remember around here. seemed like i spent a month under those houses layin in water w the temp in the teens.always thought it might have been the reason arthuritus set in on me so hard.later now
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    Hey, I started when I was about 14 with 1 21". Then I got a 42" garden tractor and pulled a trailer around with it, in my neighborhood. Eventualy got a truck and then pulled the garden tractor around on a snomobile trailer. Then to a 52" walk behind. Now I have two crews with new trucks, 61" and 48" hydro walkbehinds on the trailers.
    Just build up gradualy.
    Good luck.
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    oh yeah and I'm only 20 now.
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