What am I doing wrong? stripes.....


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Try this...you may surprise yourself: Don't look down at your wheels or deck, look straight ahead. You know where your deck is better than you think. You make straight even stripes by looking up, not down. Of course you need to look down at obstacles, but otherwise try to just go where it feels right while looking straight ahead.
I always tell people to pick a faraway spot like a tree and drive to it

it’s like driving a car
People who weave are looking in front of them
People who don’t and switching their focus between 3 seconds in front of them and 7 seconds in front of them
Some people don’t realize that’s what they’re doing on purpose it comes naturally
Others are focused on the pot hole right in front of them

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My stripes are always thinner then wider then thinner again on my 48 and pretty even with my 36. I chalk it up to my deck offset lining the deck edge up with the tire track and just go with it.

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