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What am I going to need?


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Fort Myers, FL
I am going to start a small lawn maintenance offering other home sevices as add-ons. I am in Southwest Florida. What type of insurance would I need. Since I am going to be mostly solo, will I need worker's comp for my now and then helper? Are there any certifications or special licenses I will need to invest in? What is the best entry level software that is available?


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Hi, there are no special licenses just occupational and then possibly one for individual municipalities. Your other home services may require licensing. I think for painting you have to be a contractor.
I would check with an agent about the insurance. I don't think workers comp is required with a certain amount of employees. There is a thread about it I think.
I am using Quickbooks Simple Start for my books. It is fairly easy and will do the job. You can not compare reports though. It is upgradeable. That was around $100.00.
For your business name you need a fictitious name registration at sunbiz.org for 50.00 if you are not using your full name in your business name.