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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by coonman, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Ok guys and gals, time after time this year while driving to our next job we will see a guy cutting a 40' by 15' or so strip of grass with a large z. You know the ones, in front of banks and restaurants etc. They almost always have a few little trees and some landscaping. I will watch these guys go around in circles and back up and do some major maneuvering, not to mention they have to hop the curb. The finished product never looks that great because of all the circles and figure eights. I could take my 21 and mow the strip in about three minutes and have it looking great. It seems very unproductive to me, am I missing something here or is it just laziness. To me this is just as ridiculous as someone mowing a 3 acre lot with a 21.
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    You're right, we agree. However, they probably aren't even carrying a 21 on their trailer, so this is their only choice.
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    I had a guy tell me one time that he did not want to buy a ZTR because then his help would try to use it on anything. He uses mainly 48" w/b's. I've watched others and it's usally true. I know since I got mine it's very easy to do that. Have to make myself use the right mower for the job.
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    I posted some figures today in another post. You have to know your cost and use each machine to see how much time it takes on each property to know the cost for each lawn. A Z master 60'' cost about $7.97 to operate, a waLK behind 21'' mower cost $2.02 to operate and a 44'' walk behind is $4.64. In my opinion they are using a very exspensive mower and could probably profit $5.00 more per mow with a 21'' not to mention that the 21'' is alot easier to buy then a 7-8 thousand Z. and like you said it would look alot better too

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