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Discussion in 'Employment' started by tropicallawn1, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Hello friends, after 26 years as an owner/operator I learned the "all your eggs in one basket" lesson the hard way. I went to work with a much larger company and run a crew of six and service 450 addresses (HOA) weekly. Other duties include: dealing with clients, open/close shop, irrigation repairs, equip. maint., material purchase, etc, ect. I am being paid a salary of $600 and am averaging 55 hours per week. Please don't get me wrong, i'm happy to be working and am 100% dedicated to what ever I do. My question, am I worth more to a larger company? p.s I did keep all my equipment.

    Thanks for any input!
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    I would say you are grossly underpaid.
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    What happened to your customer base, should have some good ones after that long.
  4. tropicallawn1

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    I was servicing twelve shopping centers under two property managers for over ten years. Well, when the economy went south so did they. Jobs went out to bid and lost it all.

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    You should be making atleast $800 per week with the responsibilities you have
  6. tropicallawn1

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    Aren't there laws against salaried employees consistently working over 40 hours? I don't know for sure but this is what I've heard in other areas on this site. I would be EXTREMELY happy to have my main guy working 55 hours a week and it only costing me $600. That would cost me $937.50 with overtime with what I'm paying my main guy right now. I would think long and hard about how much responsibility you have and how many hours you are working for what you are being compensated.
  8. tropicallawn1

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    Thanks for your opinions guys, they are exactly what I was thinking. I'm considering saving this thread and using it for ammo in the spring. A couple more responses would really be appreciated. BTW, I recently alerted her of a 100k install job which looks promising, I can sell too! Thanks! Trop
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    True but what is also accurate is that he is most likely working for one of the larger operations. I have heard VC is bad, Brickman pays like dirt.

    Assuming he is working the full 55 hours and he is not including his lunch breaks etc. He is close to $11 a hour

    I can tell you from personal experience recently - he is most likely about average for a lead.

    I put a craigslist ad up this summer for help. $8.50 a hour. I had 55 applicants the first day. Included were a guy who had 8 years in as a assistant golf course super, a couple of guys that had over 10 years in on property maint. at the theme parks or with larger crews that did some of the more well cared for resorts in the area.

    The guy I have now - $8.50 a hour - works 4 10's and is happy as hell not to be unemployed after 2 years of it or driving all the way to orlando for slightly better pay if better at all. Has over 15 years in with theme parks as well as some of the larger area companies so came equipped with knowledge of how to function the equipment and the conditions we work in, shows up on time, usually 15 minutes early to be exact. Does not ***** about much, job related anyways. The best part was his Dad was a head horticulturalist at one of the local gardens - so he has gained a good amount of knowledge from him over the years and can be trusted to properly prune and take care of customers landscape.

    The economy sucks - until that changes - who ever has the cash rules. What the OP's boss like it or not is what is happening all over America. High unemployment means a steady flow of quality applicants ready to work. In many corporations - they have essentially eliminated many positions - this work was therefor just passed on to those who remained. The company is essentially just as profitable many times but blames the economy and this allows them to justify lowering their overhead. Sad fact yes :rolleyes: but reality YES. :rolleyes:
    The reality is that most likely this workers will essentially continue to do the work once done by two employees, be happy to do so as long as they have a job, and do so until the economy changes again and the labor demand goes up and the supply goes down and companies at that time will pay more to attract the additional help or someone who will have no issues doing the additional work at the same rate or slightly higher.
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    I think the idea of putting the main guy on salary is to give him some security that he gets a pay check 52 weeks a year. This guy didn't tell us he is working 55 hours year round but it doesn't matter. And I think salary in Florida is probably close to Texas so I would say you are getting about the average.

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