What an exciting day!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Classified, Aug 30, 2007.

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    actuallt it started yesterday when I found something very unusual in the grass. I have no clue how this happened but there was no other parts anywhere else. (see the first picture)

    Then, today, I was at my 3rd to last account for the day, I suddenly see a bunch of kids jump out of a car, and unload 6-7 gunshots about 150ft away from me!! The cops were called and about 20 cop cars surrounded the area and my truck and trailer was in the middle of it all. I was not able to back up or go foward. It ended by SWAT raiding the house and pulling the alleged shooters from a house one over from my truck. I could not move for close to 4 hours. you can see in the last picture, if you download it, in between the corner of the yellow house and the tree, zoom in and youll see the swat members pointing thier guns toward the house with the shooters in it. I took it with my camera phone since they would not let me get too close to my truck. luckily no one got killed and im not even sure if anyone got hit because there was no ambulance, or at least from my viewpoint.

    storm pictures 025.JPG

    camera phone pics 035.jpg

    camera phone pics 039.jpg
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    Damn, what an exciting day...glad you were not hurt! As far as the deer legs, I bet they were removed by a hunter while field dressing and a dog brought them there.
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    Any media coverage? Just think, that big ole rolling billboard might be on 5 local news stations tonight.

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