What are Brilliance LED bulbs warrantied for?

Discussion in 'Cast Lighting' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Sep 16, 2012.

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    A year?

    We have a client with a fancy Unique setup, well not fancy but a bunch of pathlights and uplights. Several 3-5 months ago were swapped out with Brilliance LED bulbs, the rest the standard halogens. Lightning apparently hit a pole causing some cable issues, tv, cable modem and network problems in the house.

    The transformer is indoors, on a GFI, and a surge suppressor strip like a computer would use. Neither was blown and the transformer and lights came on each day after the lightning storm. The customer noticed many of the lights were out and moreso, some were very dim.

    We thought it was a ground issue, wiring etc. Here a couple of the brilliance LED bulbs smelled "burnt" like a computer/circuit board burn smell in their sealed housing. None of these bulbs ever got even warm to the touch in these housings. I removed the bulbs, and the other lights gained all their power back and are running at 12v again. They did blow 4 fuses on each of their runs, which we replaced before uninstalling the LED bulbs.

    It blew the bi-pole 2w LED in the pathlights, 10w par36s and mr16s in a couple uplights.

    I contacted our dealer to request a quote for their insurance cost of replacement and to see if we could bring them back for warranty, then they said because its lightning, they cant be warrantied... thanks.

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