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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jonathanone, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. jonathanone

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    There isn't a quality smaller propane mower available BUT I really need the account which has specified that propane be used SO here is the plan,
    I buy a zt, a gasser-with 'Bush sucks' stickers all over it, hang two tanks-with Obama stickers all over them- on the fenders (with a sticker that says, 'Bush lied and people died') with hoses going to a bracket at the carb and hope that nobody decides to check to see that the engine isn't really burning propane-these libs are all hopped up on pot anyway-, what could they do to me beside ask me to leave and once they think I am a wacked out lib what would the chances of that be, hell they probably would make me the super of grounds...... :dancing:

    PLUS I could always claim that I was duped by a capitalist money grubber that had a picture of SARAH on the office wall, no- pictures of Ron, W AN D SARAH on the walls, no wait, a picture of Ron, W and SARAH WITH letters thanking them for their donation to the Republican Party..............
  2. Grass Shark

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    ha ha ha they will never know
  3. JB1

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    i think you should have another drink.
  4. Agape

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    I see no problems with this plan.
  5. ShooterK2

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    Just let us know how it works out.
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  6. MXrider13

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    Try it, lol
  7. ShooterK2

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    I'm pretty sure they make a propane conversion kit for small engines. You might research it, however, as I don't know who makes it.
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  8. alexschultz1

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  9. fireman9

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    Might as well add some solar panels to the rops, what the hell they make a good sunshade. Tell them their for charging your electric trucks batteries while your mowing....SUPER GREEN MOWING INC... Clean and Green Cutting Green's and Grass... all sorts of new business names are coming to mind.:laugh: Sounds like a plan, Just don't let them see you filling those tanks.
  10. jonathanone

    jonathanone LawnSite Member
    from Ct
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    fireman, an excellent idea that in itself would offset me getting busted for using corn gas just - somewhere around here I have an old 'air' circulator that we used to put on top of the wood stove, I could put that in front of the muffler and tell them that its a mini turbine and that I store the power in batteries underneath the deck and we 'dump' all the electricity into the grid when we get done for the day.............
    Do they still make those little wheel generators for bicycles, a few of those couldn't hurt.

    Shooter, I have been looking but getting it converted wouldn't be half as fun as seeing how long it would take them to catch on to a 'faux' propane mower.

    Another idea coming, how about I close in the rear of the mower and put one of those propane radiant heaters facing towards the rear and tell them its one of those new turbo fan jobs-who would suspect anything if I had a big sign that said-Beware jet blast
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