What are opinions regarding 2 speed rear ends

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ozarklawns, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,
    I found a restored 1955 chevy 2.5 ton dump farm truck. It has a lot of new parts (clutch, tie rods, wheel bearings, interior, glass, paint and rebuilt 350) and looks really sharp practically new. It has a four speed tranny with a two speed rear end. I have never driven a 2 speed rear end. Any thoughts or concerns regarding working in old trucks like this? I want to use it primarily for hauling mulch gravel dirt etc. How do you think it would fare as a daily work truck.
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    Those two speed rears are known for hanging up between gears, but they do work. A 55' Chevy will be fine if you know what you are dealing with and don't mind fixing it. By no means would i let an employee drive it. SOME parts will be hard to find. I would defintely baby this truck regardless of what shape it's in.

    Don't take this personally, If you are on here asking if it's ok to run this truck everyday you probably shouldn't do it. I know plenty of guys that wouldn't think twice about it, but they are old school, where you take what you have and make it work.
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    If it's a 4 speed that will give you 8 forward gears to use, that was extra important back in the days b/c that truck probably had an inline 6 in it. With the 350 and a load of mulch you should be able to skip a gear or 2 without lugging too bad.

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