What are some good treatments for to kill Emerald Ash Borer Bugs?

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  1. Glenview Tree Service

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    I run a Tree Service in Glenview IL. and we have a major problem with the Emerald Ash Borer bug. I would just like some sugestions for good treatments to kill the bug. Also what stuff has the best price?
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    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Cut the tree down and burn it. At least that's what Ohio Dept of Ag told us is the ONLY effective treatment.
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  3. Toro 455

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    Dang! They've moved west to Illinois already? That's faster than predicted. Like Clark says by the time you spot them it's already too late. Though there are some preventative sprays. It'd be kind of hard to sell if there are no signs of distress.
    It's killed about half of the Ash here in SW Ohio. My customers have lost trees. I have 4 ash trees in my lawn and there's no signs of the Emerald Ash Borer yet.

    It's illegal to transport ash firewood here in Ohio. You have to leave it on site. Kind of like your "before & after" pic on your website.
  4. kawakx125

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    from what i understand the preventatives aren't even highly effective, and expensive.
  5. IES

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    Check te Purdue ag website. There are some newer treatments that seem to be effective but extremely costly
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  6. AmieW

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  7. dadoorsron

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    MSU, Purdue, and UofI, along with the Illinois dept of agriculture recommend merit (Imidacloprid) treatments on a yearly basis, These are done as soil drenches. You also can do Tree-age treatments As a poster mentioned you can use an arbor jet system to inject the trees. Tree-age is Emamectin Benzoate. This treatment last 2 years. I have properties that we have been doing for years without any decline to the trees canopy.
  8. GreenLandscaping13

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    Imidacloprid on a program is probably the best bet. I use quail-pro Imidicloprid 2F as it seems to be the most cost effective. I also know that Tempo SC Ultra is about the only product labeled for knock down control of them. You can pick it up for right around $50 and last time I looked it was just as cheap on google shopping. I've never used it for emerald ash borer but it is a quick knockdown of about everything. I just got a decent order or assorted insecticides from Lawn and Pest Control Supply on google as they really had good prices. Especially when buying cases.
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  9. Think Green

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    Merit injections for long term treatments piggy backed with Bidrin or Metasystex-R.
    Either one of these last two mentioned, if you are not a certified Mauget injector, you will have to take a EPA supplier exam to purchase. You cannot leave either of these vials in the tree left unattended. You must stay until all vials have emptied and disposed of according to state law.
  10. Mscotrid

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    Tree-Age from Arborjet far more effective than imidicloprid.

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