what are the advantages/disadvantages of the STANDER by wright????


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Cody do you actually own one of these machines. I own both Exmark Lazer HP and 52" Wright Stander. The machine that is actualy better on my back is the Stander. Your legs pick up most of the bounce while sitting on the Lazer you are at the mercy of the seat. As far as advantages The stander is much more mannuverable . The short length of the machine and no engine potruding from the back of the machine make it in my opionion the ultimate machine for small to mid sized properties. The downside is speed. The stander is not as fast as the sit down models and on large one acre plus lawns the standing does wear on you. This is my advise after three years on a Stander


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I believe that anyone that has problems standing on a Stander is out of shape. It is a very nice machine and I enjoy every minute on my stander. If you are fat and out of shape, buy a sit down. If you enjoy fast turning manuevering and using your body a little to make the cut.. get a Stander.


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never used a wright stander, but have used John Deere 657 52". What rivablaster701 says is true. The standers are much easier on your body, you can roll with the machine, use your legs as springs when you see pot holes or whatever, you have much better vision compared to the Scag sit down I've used.

On the sit down it is harder to see potholes, you can't really brace against them, If your seat springs dont absorb it your spine does.

The sitters are often quite a bit faster though. Both good and bad. You can get done quicker, but hitting that bump at 10mph sure makes the chiropractor smile. Also the sitters usually weigh more which means more load / rutting potential and the bigger tires are a lot more expensive to replace.

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I currently own a 52 stander. I love my machine. The only slight issue I have is the adjustment of the mower height. Takes about 2 minutes to adjust the height. Not a biggie if you mow the same height all day.