what are the best blades???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by airborne1, May 22, 2003.

  1. airborne1

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    Need new blades for 2 62" Z-Masters.

    What is going to chop the grass the best?

    Have been buying off the shelf, but I am tired of them they don't last, twist too easy, don't cut the grass up well enough and once they bend or get chunked and are out of balance they tear out spindles.

    How about Gators or is there a semi-mulching blade without an actual mulching kit?:blob2:
  2. TLS

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    Best blades that I have found are OEM original high lift blades.

    You have a Toro 62" so your choices are slim as this deck size and blade length hole size are VERY odd.

    Thats why I like eXmark's 60" They share dimesions with a LOT of different 60" mowers. Lots of aftermarket, lots of other OEM.

    I have heard that OEM Toro blades are pretty nice? Are you sure your getting OEM Toro blades "off the shelf"?
  3. crs

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    Sharp Blades are going to cut best.

    What are you trying to cut other than grass that you bend blades and knock chunks out of them?

    The toro blades are as well made as any. If the gators for other mowers are any indication they will probably do an ok job on dry grass but not the damp stuff.

    The reason they don't cut the grass up very well is the superflow deck design. It works great for moving a large volume of clippings out in a hurry but it does not cut the grass more than one time before it spits it out.

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