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    I'm not sure if any loose coil won't be wrecked if you slip it off the post. The magnetic core is needed to give the coil the proper (higher impedance) electrical characteristics.
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    ......well this explain's canada's milk. :clapping:
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    One method for setting sports turf heads or any other on swing joints is to plan the exact location of the head and not excavate too much of it.

    You will obviously have a trench running thru the area but if you raise the sj/head straight in the air, begin carving soil so the pipe and assembly can be rotated into position. The head should be nested into undisturbed soil, at least on one side. Tamp the heck out of each 4" of backfill.

    When the first waterings occur it shouldn't loosen up as bad as if you'd opened a big ole muddy hole.

    Learned from experience....

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