What are the best options for tractors?

Jake Boes

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Hello, I am 13 year old kid who this summer started a lawn service. I have gotten to where I average about $100 per day. There is mower store near my house, I rode my bike up there the other day to see if the sold refurbished riding mowers. Right now I have just my mower that my mom has in her garage, so when I get people with 8 in grass it is a living hell. They told me they do not have any in right, they said they should have zero turn coming in a few weeks. I asked how much others went for and the guys at the store told me there last two refurbished mowers went for $200 and $500 (seems weirdly low to me). So my question is, if I am able to get my hands on this mower for a good price and it works good, should I take it? Is there better options for me to be going after? What kind of mower would work best for 3-4 yards per day?


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Welcome aboard. You likely won't get a refurbished zero turn for that low. It was likely a refurbished lawn tractor. But if they have something in your budget, an upgrade over the push mower will be a likely increase in productivity. Time is money. More time than necessary onsite is less money.

We have a few other young guys here as well. @Cross Creek Lawn Care

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