What are the costs of hiring the first employee?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Precision Lawns, May 1, 2005.

  1. Precision Lawns

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    Not asking this for any time soon, as it will probably be at least another season or two before we look to hire anyone, but just wondering. Right now we're a general partnership and do all the work ourselves. I know as soon as we add employees, there's the obvious added cost of wages, workman's comp, and payroll taxes. What other expenses come with hiring the first employee(s)? I figure it's better to do the research now and not have any surprises in the future than the alternative.
  2. promower

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    I think you covered the big ones. Some indirect expenses could include, employee missuse of equipment, payroll services, uniforms, and unemployment tax.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Don't forget the cost of your own personal pain & suffering dealing with employee "issues".
  4. DanaMac

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    Your gereral liability and business auto insurance may also go up.
  5. wrestlingcoach

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    Workers' Comp About 8-10% Of The Wage Depends On What State

    Plus About Another 1% State Unemploy, 1 % Federal Unemploy, About Another 8 % For Matching Fica

    So A Good 15 -20 % Added To The Hourly Wage

    Now If You Give A Company Shirt To Them,
    \cost Of Something Breaking Because They Really Don't Know How To Do It

    But A Great Trusted Hardworking Employee == Priceless
  6. naturescaretaker

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    The general rule of thumb is what ever you pay the person double it for your total costs. Is you pay someone $10 per hour then your costs are going to be $20 per hour.
  7. mommacutz

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    That is very good answer. It will be a good rule of thumb for me when we start evaluating whether we need employees or not.
  8. MMLawn

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    Actually Workers Comp may or may not be a cost for you as your state may not require it for just one employee. Example is that in NC you do not legally have to have Workers Comp until you employee 3 people (other then yourself). But also even if you are not "required" to have it you still need to consider it because this is a very accident proned business.
  9. Lnd Svyr

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    Be prepared for deadbeat dads and others whose wages you will have to dock for Uncle Sam. That'll take your time (and don't you love how the hard working folk have to clean up the messes made by the jerks). Use a billing rate factor of 3 times hourly wage, minimum of 2.7.
  10. Mueller Landscape Inc

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    How do you get to $20 from $10 per hour? What is included in your total costs? You are applying a 100% mark up for payroll costs.

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