What are the differences between a 42" & 44" Mini Z

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    Pj or others,

    What are the main differences between a 42" and 44" Mini Z, besides 2":) .
    I am looking to make a purchase this month. I mow approx. 5 acres. 3 of those
    acres are rough with a lot of trees and a couple of 15-20 deg hills. I noticed a large price difference between the two units and I want to make the right decision.


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    The 44" Mini has bigger drive wheels/tires (23x9.5-12 vs the 42's 20x10-10) and also has a half foot wider stance (44" to 38"). Downside here is lack of trimside on the 44" Mini; the left side of the 42" deck extends 2.25" beyond the side of the tire. The "44" is also more nimble since its frame is also a half foot shorter than the "42" frame due to the smaller blades in its three-blade deck (42" Mini has a two-blade configuration). And btw, the 44" Mini actually cuts 3.5" wider since the "42" cut measures only 40.5" wide!

    Mechanically, the big difference between the pair is in the hydrostats. The 44" uses the traditional (and heavy) layout of individual pumps and wheel motors along with all the attendant plumbing (a "Super" version is even available). The 42" uses a pair of Hydro-Gear's commercial-duty ZT2800 pump/motor combos which promise long life but are also much lighter in weight

    For small, highly-managed lawns, the lighter 42" Mini gets my vote every time. But when the going gets tight on rough properties, the 44" Mini is my pick.

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