What are the Differences between the Wright X and the John deere version

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenGiant94, Sep 28, 2013.

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    I'm interested in the standers and really like the wright stander x. I know the john deere version is pretty much the same so i went to a jd dealer and looked at them. I really liked the dealer and the guy that helped me. He let me test one there at the lot, and i also will have a chance to demo one next week if i choose to. The price seemed a little lower then the wright as well. The dealer that has the wrights, (which ive bought a mower from already) doesnt have a demo and didnt seem to helpful to get it where i could test one. So between the jd dealer being helpful and the price being a little less, im swaying to the jd stander. My question is does anyone know what are the differences are in the two mowers? the jd guy said there was like a hundred and something things different about it. Does anybody have one of these? I know wright is very well know for standers and have a great reputation. Would you feel skeptical about the john deere or since its the same mower its just as good as wrights are? Thanks!
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    Well, from what I've known of Wright, they are the daddy of them all regarding the stand on mowers. Dane Scag worked for Wright in their shop and basically wanted to buy the patented design for the foot platform and the balance of the mower. They sent him packing and then Great Dane and Scag came to birth. The Surfer/Super Surfer was born and pretty much that was it. They really didn't compete with eachother... up until the past 5 years there wasn't but one or 2 dealers in the entire half of TN where I live. Scag was HUGE here so there we were for the past 17 years, just Great Dane and Wright making stand on mowers. Then Toro/Exmark get into the market about 4 or 5 years ago. Then Gravely and John Deere. So, keeping in touch with the mower industry I find an article (I thought I book marked it) that stated that John Deere is paying Wright to design and make J/D stand on mowers. So pretty much yes, there will definitely be differences in the mowers due to proprietary designs but J/D hasn't been in the stand on market very long in comparison to Scag and Wright. I would seriously consider the Scag or Toro if you don't want to go the route of a Wright for the dealer pains.
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    the front of the deck is a bit different if i recall, I believe the very front on JD is straight where the wright angles down. other differences i noted are cast iron front casters and controls are different on the JD. the front yoke connecting the 2 casters may be U shaped on the JD as opposed to square on the wright. the dealer told me that there were something like 110 changes made by JD. IMO the first of which should have been putting a 7 iron deck under it, but unfortunately they stuck with aerocore. If they would have used a 7 iron design the mower would flat out dominate everything else on the stander market.
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    WORD. :drinkup:
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    where did you get this CRAZY time line from? Dane Scag worked for metal craft LONG before Bill Wright got into building lawn mowers. Scag's mowers was a division of metal craft. Dane Scag left working for metal craft and after his non compete expired, started "Great Dane". The Super Surfer and the Wright Stander came about around the same time.
    John Deere eventually bought Great Dane, and for a while the Quik Trak mowers (what JD calls their Stand on rider) was a Great Dane Surfer.
    John Deere sold the Great Dane acquisition and of at this time has subcontracted Wright Manufacturing to build their Quik Trak.

    Although Wright is contracted to build the Quik Trak, that does not make that mower a Wright Stander.
    Mattel was once contracted to make M-16's for the US army as was FN, that doesnt make an m-16 a barbie, any more than it makes it an FN-FAL.

    Prior to making Wright Standers, Bill Wright owned a lawn care company called 'Lawn Wright' and was also involved in the beginnings of the CLIP lawn care industry software.

    An employee Jim Velke started making the velke sulkies and grass gobblers... they did that for a while before they built their first mowers....

    Dane Scag was in the mower business before any of us here smelled our very first freshly cut grass.

    Oh, and JD had stand on mowers WAY before Toro,exmark or gravely.... Wright and Dane first, the John Deere, then everyone else.
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    Thats one great timeline!! I just want to clarify Ariens(Gravely) bought ACI(Great Dane and Ever Ride) in 2007. Gravely was contracted by Deere to build their quick track(stander)and walk behinds. This contract ran out when Gravely built the new Pro Stance from the ground up and did not want to share the technology with Deere. So Deere has a new contract with Wright to build their new stander. It is a Wright stander with some small changes requested by Deere. The chassis and deck are 100% Wright. If Deere put a 7iron on this thing we would of had possibly the best stander ever built.
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    Dane has been bought and sold more times than I can keep track of... Dunno who owns them now, they are big in Europe for whatever reason now.

    I liked ever ride, too bad that didn't work out for them.
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    very true that deck is the best deck on the market for all conditions i just wish they would put a bigger motor on there 60''
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    TPendegast, thanks for the clarification. It was an article I read. But you didn't deny that Wright was the first stand on designer. :) So I got SOMETHING right. Now, was the article based off of Wright themselves? I dont' remember, it's just lawn mowers. If you don't mind, I like to be informed, where did you get your info from? Now, pardon if I made it sound like I was, but I didn't mean to mislead that the JD WAS a Wright. Obviously Wright wouldn't divy out the best parts of its product to someone who is paying them to make their stand on mower.

    I'll agree with you that Gravely is new in the stand on biz. So are you saying that JD had a stand on design BEFORE they bought Great Dane? Either way, JD has been fighting to get into the commercial lawn mowing biz for decades. It seems like with things like the 7 Iron deck and the now Wright designed stand on, they may be getting right up there with a very, VERY, V-E-R-Y hard to beat mower.

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