What are the Differences between the Wright X and the John deere version

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenGiant94, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Armsden&Son

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    I read recently that Dane Scag started Bob-Cat.... This was from a reputable green industry mag/website... For all you green industry history buffs, what's the story here?
  2. Green Industry Pro

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    Wow, that's an interesting topic. There needs to be a commercial landscape equipment history book
  3. turfbuilder

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    Basically the only difference is the J.D. is green and the J.D's don't have the quad lever controls. They cost about $600 more than the Wright in my area.
  4. Raege

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    I've tried to look into this exact topic. from the limited amount of information available on the web I can tell a few differences. the John Deere Quik Trak 600r series is manufactured by Wright. the platform and deck. what John Deere did was take that base and mostly apply John Deere patents to it. some of these include stuff like patented anti scalp wheels on the deck and the quad levers being changed to two more normal ztr style levers. also, the Quik Trak's wiring is done to jd specs. there can probably be easily 100 different changes between those small differences.
    but overall, I think someone who has experience with both would be able to tell you more.
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  5. kawakx125

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    I'm torn on this subject being that i own a wright X. I love everything about the mower but the deck. and i hate everything about other standers but the deck. exmark/toro is SLOW and clumps like hell when wet, scag takes 10 minutes to get past all the OPC just so you can get moving or stop. I do not like their neutral lever, its a waste of time IMO and not necessary at all. other noteworthy points on other standers is the platform is up alot higher and behind the wheels. i'm 6'2'' so this becomes a problem under trees and such. the wright puts you right where you want to be, low to the ground and between the wheels. its a very compact package, the deck is the only downfall, with blowout and dispersal being the 2 biggest complaints about it.
  6. professional

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    I have the JD and I too found the blowout to be extreem. I use the mulch kit so I do not know about the dispersal issue. I removed two spacers from under the deck to on top of the spindles, effectively raising the blades in the deck. They were just below the leading edge of the deck and are now just above the leading edge of the deck. There is almost zero blowout and it stripes even better. Of course you'll have to adjust the cutting height of the deck accordingly.
  7. Green Mtn. Guy

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    Kawakx125 how is it to feather the deck with the hand deck lift while mowing? What heights are you cutting at? I'm thinking of a Stander x but have not gotten to test drive one yet...just the RH. Thanks.
  8. brunnersltd1

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    demo all of the stand on units out there by all the manufacturers!
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    The biggest most noticable thing is going to be the controls. Quad Lever on the Wright vs JD's version. Honestly I love quad lever. I have tried driving a few other standers for short periods and just never feel as "secure" as with the quad lever. Seems like you can always have a hold on the oh-**** bar and still be driving.

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