What are the odds? Blown hydro pump-Great Dane


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I've been mowing hard for 5 years without ever having hydro problems and yesterday I blew a hydro pump on a Great Dane Chariot. Replacement cost is around $900 then labor. Lucky for me I was smart enough to keep some pumps from old Scag mowers. I've got 4 extra pumps in the barn that are identical to the pump on the Dane but it's a real job to change out.
In any event, I had always heard that these parts were very expensive so I cannabalized 2 Scags rather than trading them in. Having hydro pumps, wheel motors and electric clutches in stock is a real plus. Junk 1 mower for parts and you've got more parts than most dealers.
I guess I need to add that a rebuild kit is available at a fraction of the replacement cost but my pump was spitting out metal shavings and needed more than a gasket. The dealer had a pump go out on a surfer this week also. This is pretty rare.

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J. Thomas probably sells it for under $400 if you find yourself needing another. But then again alot of people think you should buy locally :)

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