What are the Signs ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mikes Lawn Landscape, Aug 29, 2004.

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    What are the signs your gonna lose a customer ?

    This week had 2 customers cancel service

    The first was late on her payment so I says have you sent me a check yet. Oh yea my husband sent that out on Sunday. OK great thanks. Oh by the way this is the last service of the season right?
    NO MAAM I mow until Thanksgiving, But the grass won't grow anymore. uummmm ok I'll take you off the schedule. I assume when the grass gets 12" tall I'll get a call why havn't you mowed duh you cancelled, gotta love this biz

    2nd customer late on payment gets a nice little letter saying pay up. I saw her on Wednesday on Sat I get my letter back with a nice little note "Please cancel my Service" ok no prob.

    So my conclusion is customers who have paid on time and all of a sudden start paying late is a good indicator your about to lose them.

    Oh Well picked up 3 customers to replace the 2 I lost
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    You probably should at least call to find out what went wrong or why they canceled. They most likely will lie, but you at least showed an effort and concern. Just because you picked up 3 to replace the 2 hasn't really moved the biz forward. We all complain about losing customers and how tough the biz is to keep them, we really should be concerned with retaining all that we can. Obviously they were slow payers, but was it enough to just discard them. Just something to consider next time this should happen.

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